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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st-- Some Cap Relief already taken place

Skins announce Mark Brunnell did renegotiate his contract contrary to published reports suggesting otherwise...

Team sources told me as well that "a number of established players have stepped up to the plate and showed their true colors." Meaning, a number of vets have agreed to renegotitae their deals as well as the cap crunch approaches.. The team was non-specific about who, but that information will likely be revealed after the colective bargaining impasse is reached one way or another... Washington is approximately 17 million over the cap if all things stay equal and no extension of the current CBA is reached.. There is belief that if a deal is reached to extend then Washington could be as little as 5-7 million over the cap which would be easily navigated through the release of a few key veterans...


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