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Monday, March 06, 2006

LaVar's release and other free agency news

LaVar Arrington forfeitied a little over 4 million dollars to gain his release by the Redskins now as opposed to after June First and enter the free agent market as soon as it opens..

Arrington was given two choices, reowrk his contract now and receive a guaranteed payment (undisclosed) to stay with the Redskins next year.. Though Joe Gibbs didn't say it, essentially Arrington would have had to accept a massive pay cut to stay, or the team was willing to do what they did, accept a buy out by Arrington in return for his freedom.. Otherwise, the team would essentially have held onto Arringotn until after June 1st, and release him then avoiding a 6.5 million dollar roster bonus and limiting the cap hit he'd force on them until 2007..
Arrington chose the latter, he didn't "pay" to get out of his deal, he did what was in his best interest to recoop all the money at the outset of the free agent market..
The team does still owe Arrington a payment of 1.2 million likely to be sent next month..

The Redskins have gotten 10-12 players to renegotiate their deals to provide cap relief, some will be dependent on necessity, i.e., whether the team needs the ammount of cap space necessitated without an extension of the CBA.. Mark Brunnell, Randy Thomas, Clinton Portis, Renaldo Wynn, Arrington and Shawn Springs have publicly acknowledged restructured deals...
There are a few cuts likely coming either way with Gibbs not saying who those will be but said each of his players have been apprised of their situations regardless of the collective bargaining talks..

The team also has to tender deals to restricted free agents namely Chris Clemons and Derrick Dockery, both will be attempted to be retained..
Washington also has free agents in Rock Cartwright, Robert Royal and Ryan Clark, Clark being the priority..


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