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Monday, December 24, 2007

December 23-- Skins are a win away from playoffs

The Skins built a 22-nothing halftime lead, 25-0 third quarter advantage cruising to their most impressive victory of the season 32-21 over Minnesota.. The Redskins now control their own playoff destiny, beat Dallas at Fed Ex Field on Sunday and they will face Seattle in the first round of the playoffs..
Tampa's loss to SF means they will be the 4 seed in the NFC.. The Giants victory over Buffalo means they are solidified as the five seed and will play at Tampa in the first round..
The Skins could still make the playoffs with a loss but would need losses by New Orleans and Minnesota next week as well..

RB Clinton Portis ran and threw for scores but was in and out of the game early with cramps.. He was receiving an IV in pre-game warm-ups and did not enter the playing field until there was only 30 seconds before kickoff and the Skins were receving.. He went back into the locker room in between series twice in the first half as well.. He also tweaked an ankle when he jumped into the arms of a teammate after celebarting the touchdown pass to Antwaan Ranle El and also suffered a minor shoulder injury..

The Skins defense crowded the box and held Minnesota's rush attack, ranked number one in the league to 87 yards, 44 of which came by QB Tavaris Jackson, many of which were unplanned scrambles.. Adrian Peterson was held to 27 yards on the gorund.. The Skins used a variety of packages and flip flopped some personnel including using Andre Carter as the left defensive end and moved Phillip Daniels on the right side to face Bryant McKinnie.. The team used 8 and 9 man fronts to force Minneosta to throw..

The pivotal moment in the second half occurred when Joe Gibbs challanged a lost fumble in Redskins territory claiming the Vikings had 12 men on the field.. Minnesota was frantically trying to call a timeout before the Skins snapped the ball because they wanted to challenge a completed pass to Santana Moss.. The Skins went hurry up to get the next play off before Minnesota could get a challenge in and got it off but fumbled the snap.. The Skins then challenged and got the ball back plus an extra five yards when the video showed the Vikes did indeed have too many men on the field.. Because the fumble play had been run and that play was the one reversed, Minnesota could not then attempt to take a look at the Moss play because technically a second play had been run.. Brad Childress lost it on the refs.. Gibbs would not credit anyone in the booth in particular for telling him to challenge that play..

Injuries: FB Mike Sellars got knocked unconcious during a second half kickoff and was layed motionless for a few moments, but was OK and attempted to return to the field.. The trainers hid his helmet to force him to the sideline.. He suffered a concussion and will montiored through the week..
S Vernon Fox injured his thumb.. S Reed Doughty suffered a burner in the neck area for the second straight week but returned to the game..
LB Khary Campbell has a dislocated finger.. LB Randall Godfrey left the game with cramps and also was listed with a sprained shoulder.. G/DT Lorenzo Alexander also suffered a sprained shoulder..
DE Phillip Daniels took a shot to the groin region but returned to finish the game..

For the second time in 3 weeks, QB Todd COllins finished with a QB rating over 120 after going 22-29 254 yards and two touchdowns.. His QB rating was 124.8..
Clinton Portis got a perfect QB rating of 158.3 going 1-1 a 15 yard TD pass.. The Skins ran the halfback option for a second time when they were inside the Vikes ten but Portis pulled it down and didn't attempt the throw when he didn't see it open.. 9 different receivers caught passes..

No one dances more fervently to Rob Bass's "It Takes Two" then LB Marcus Washington who got down like a drunk 21 year old circa 1990 when the Vikings blared the jam during a second quarter timeout..

OK men..


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