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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26-- Biggest Game of Gibbs Second Stint?

The Redskins held a walk through today shunning a full practice for the second straight Wednesday.. FB Mike Sellers is said to be "fine" and is expected to be ready for shi weekend's game against Dallas..

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips told us via conference call that WR Terrell Owens and C Andre Gurode will not be playing this Sunday against the Skins, but he would not go into more detail about how much playing time the rest of the starters would see.
On T.O., who scored 4 touchdowns against the Skins in the previous meeting earlier this year, Shawn Springs said, "It doesn't matter whether he plays or not. We have to win. They could bring Belitnikoff or Jerry Rice out from retirement, we still have to win."

Joe Gibbs called this one of the biggest if not the biggest games of his career, certainly the biggest regular season moment since his return.. He once again described this year as the toughest of his career.. He knows the importance of this meeting with Dallas, a win gets them in, a loss opens the pandoras box of questions regarding his second tenure..
Gibbs was asked a lot about dealing with the loss of Sean taylor and how the team galvanized for the rest of the season, he didn't want to take much credit for newfound energy in the building and refused to acknowledge this as one of the finest in his coaching career.. He only talked about the fragility of life and how his team has handled many forms of adversity to get to this point..

QB Todd Collins is in a contract year, asked about his future now after posting two QB ratings over 120 in the last 3 weeks, Collins repsponded, "I don't know. I'm just along for the ride, taking this thing week by week." As remarkably crazy as this may have souned a month ago, Collins might have earned himself an interesting run in free agency.. There is no word how hard the team will pursue resigning him after the season ends. I suppose we'll have to wait to see how his season ends..

DE Phillip Daniels said he believes this team likes to play with it's backs against the wall.. The Skins are 10-6 post December under Gibbs part 2, 3-1 this year and 5-1 in 2005 when the team last made the postseason..

Cowboys DE Greg Ellis wanted to give credit to Bill Parcells for this success of this team but added he believes the more laid back style of coaching administered by Wade Phillips is the other main reason the talent is reaching his potential..

Back-up C Mike Pucillo is said to not be "doing well" with an injured back.. he may be a candidate to go on IR for the rest of the season.. TE Todd Yoder is day to day with a knee injury..

QB Jason Campbell was out with the team doing some minor work on the turf as he continues to rehab a discloated kneecap.. he will not play this weekend..

OK men..


Blogger DAVE IN GLEN ALLEN said...

The coach knows what he is doing. He has always goes with the hot hand. This was a lesson learned in the loss to the Raiders. Joe was having a bad day but he stayed with him. We know he learned because of the Schrader/Williams years. He pulled each of these guys 2 times and always went with the one that won. Collins is in unless he losses the team or gets to far behind in a game. If the kid is ready then in he goes if not then Brunell will get the call. This is sudden death football lose and go home. Just like the 7th game of the World Series a pitcher gets into trouble and he is pulling slinters out of his back side and it doesn't matter who or what he did all year. As long as Collins is playing the way he is playing he will stay in the game and get a two year extension for next year with a nice (not great) signing bonus. But come the Spring and Jason is the QB and Todd is the number one guy off the bench. Brunell will be gone and the Skins will pick a QB in the draft. It will depend on how deep the Skins go in the playoffs if The Coach signes on for a new two year deal. If the Skins go to the SB he might opt out and call it quits. After next year of course.
Come the draft the Skins will need a big wide out, a inside defensive lineman, a very good inside Offensive lineman, and a RB that can block. This is the biggest game of the second tenure at Head Coach. But from here out they all are.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

True indeed

4:08 PM  

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