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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 25-- Campbell not assured of getting his job back

While there have been consistent rumors of a contract extension for Joe Gibbs as he heads into the final year of his origianl five year deal, Gibbs is denying an ESPN report that a two year extension has been offered and continues to say he wants to table all those discussions until after the season..

FB Mike Sellers appears to be doing OK thus far a day removed from suffering a concussion in the Minnesota game.. He'll be re-evaluated through the week as the Dallas game approaches..

If Jason Campbell is healthy enough to play in Seattle for the first round of the playoffs, there is no certainty he'll get his starting job back.. Joe Gibbs called Todd's "leadership the least couple of weeks a big deal." He said there is no decision to be made about who will start as Campbell has already been ruled out for the Dallas game and the Skins still figure to need to win that one to get into the postseason.. It sounds like if Collins continues to play well, he will not lose his job to a healthy Campbell..

The 12 men on the field challenge credit has been given to Todd Davis from the video department who printed a picture of the snap and counted the 12th Viking not being able to get off the field.. Also, Offensive quality control coach Bill Khayat was among the first to alert the staff that he believed the Vikings had 12 men on the field.. All Gibbs ended up hearing was what he described was a "bunch of screaming" to throw the challenge flag which he described as "the easy part."

Happy Holidays to everyone out there.. Merry Christmas and here is to a New Year in the playoffs!


Blogger patrickhenry said...

Bram –
About the QB situation: Campbell doesn’t see any action this year as long as Collins is healthy. To start with, Gibbs prefers veteran players. Second, the team is playing its best football, and Collins is part of that. And maybe most important, it would be UNFAIR to Campbell to put him in a pressurized situation without having played for six weeks. So the only way Jason sees any action is if the Skins are trailing in a playoff game by a couple of touchdowns in the 4th quarter – and even that’s a stretch.

Gibbs will simply make it clear that Jason will be the #1 QB next year, no ifs, ands, or buts, and put the Skins fate THIS SEASON in Collins’ hands.

As for the Dallas game: a couple of unpleasant thoughts. 1. It’s a 4:15 game, and the Skins historically play their worst at that time of day. 2. Dallas is playing its best football on the road this year. 3. Brad Johnson.

He’s the last Cowboy I want to see in this game, and I figure we’ll see him for most of it. Skins fans can only hope his skills have eroded a bit since the last couple of times he came back to bite our ass, and be thankful that he’s not playing the West Coast offense he’s mastered.

Though I’d love to imagine a blowout, history tells us this will be a close game, maybe an overtime game, with EVERYTHING hinging on the outcome of one play. And that’s where we can look for the Sean Taylor Effect – a gust of wind that blows a Nick Folk FG wide; a disputed spot on a 4th down play that goes our way; an inexplicable drop by a wide-open Creighton on what would have been the winning touchdown.

I think the Skins will make the playoffs,just because they deserve it, even if it takes a Saints and Vikings loss.

And when a Gibbs team makes the playoffs, good things usually follow.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

This is no cakewalk.. If I'm Dallas, I don't want Washington in the postseason..
But I think they'll win, it just won't be as easy as everyone is making it out to be

8:48 AM  

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