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Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30-- Skins Beat Dallas by 21, Taylor's presence felt

The Redskins beat Dallas by 21 points, a fact few if anyone in the locker room believe is a coincidence.. The Redskins firmly believe that Sean Taylor is their angel, with them in spirit and the true reason the Skins have won four straight and are in the postseason for the second time in 3 years..
Joe Gibbs came to the post game media room wearing a "21" hat commemorating and said he doesn't believe "it was an accident" that the team won by 21 points.. Gibbs spoke about the Bills gaffe where he called a second timeout that allowed Buffalo to attempt at 36 yard field goal instead of 51 to beat washington in the waning seconds.. Gibbs said he believes that "sometimes good things happen after you've been crushed." He called it the worst mistake he's made in his professional career.. The Skins haven't lost since and have yet to trail in any of the four games they have won the last month..

Phillip Daniels said his wife found a picture of Sean Taylor on the internet that Taylor had signed for a fan that read, "just beat Dallas" over his his jersey, number 21.. He distributed the picture to his teammates and this he believes was just another sign that something bigger is happeneing here.. The ammount of existential discussions I had with players regarding the belief that Taylor's spirit remains with them was remarkable.. Santana Moss said he still speaks to taylor saying things to him he wish he could have said before he was murdered and sighed, "I will ride with him until I can't ride anymore. Forever." Moss often flashes a "21" sign with his fingers when he makes a big play.. He had 8 catches for 121 yards and the decisive score that gave the Skins the 21 point advantage..
Clinton Portis said that the murder had changed he and his teammates for the better.. He stated that the Skins now often tell each other that they love each other, a departure from the typical mantra of leaving your feelings at the door..

The Redskins indeed didn't have to win as New Orleans and Minnesota both lost but the Skins were not made aware of the scores, at least of the Vikings game which was being played at the same time as the Skins game.. The Redskins did not allow the Vikings or Saints scores to be displayed in the stadium.. Joe Gibbs said he told the PR staff only to tell him if they were in and chose not to know saying he wanted his players not to think they could rely on someone else to help them get into the playoffs..

T Stephon Heyer left the game in the fourth quarter and was replaced by Todd Wade when he tweaked his knee, but I was not able to get an official report from the PR staff
before leaving Fed Ex Field..

Todd Collins had his third 100+ QB rating going 22-31 for 244 yards, 1 TD.. he did have his first turnover since taking over at QB with a first half fumble.. he still has yet to throw an interception.. Asked about whether he or Jason Campbell would start, Gibbs said, "right now it's the furthest thing from our minds. We need to get Jason back healthy first."

The Redskins allowed a season low 1 rush yard to the Cowboys who did play their offensive starters into the 3rd quarter and many of their defensive starters well into the fourth.. Tony Romo went 7-16 for 86 yards.. Marion Barber was held to an amazing 6 carries for -6 yards.. Julius Jones had 8 carries for 7 yards.. Jason Witten cugh two passes, he ended up four short of 100 for the season.. The Cowboys were also going for a franchise best 14-2, that obviously did not happen and the Boys lost their first road game of the season..

The Skins play the 4PM game in Seattle on Saturday, site of their last playoff game, a defeat in 2005.. This is the only NFC playoff team the Redskins did not face in the regular season.. IN all, the Skins ultimately played 7 games against playoff bound teams, going 2-5.. (Split with Dallas and the Giants, lost on the road to Green Bay, Tampa Bay and New England)..
From Skins Encyclopedia author Mike Richmond, The Skins have been the foe in the championship game two of the three times in the NFL history that the opposition was undefeated.. They are 1-1 losing in Super Bowl VII to Miami and beating the '42 Bears behind Slignin Sammy Baugh.. The Patriots could be only the fourth Super Bowl bound unbeaten this year.. The Redskins would have to win 3 road plyoff games to have a shot to face them..

OK men..


Blogger patrickhenry said...

Okay, men… It’s time to start dreaming.

What better team to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl than the Redskins?

Tampa Bay? Seattle? I don’t think so -- not enough juice. New York? Only if the Colts manage to win the AFC, in which case it would be brother against brother, an interesting storyline.

Dallas? They’re playing pretty bad football right now. I don’t think they represent.

That leaves Green Bay and the Redskins. The Brett Farve/ Tom Brady shootout would be appropriate for a game played in the OK Corral state, but it’s not as compelling as our beloved Redskins playing the Ultimate David to the Ultimate Goliath.

Joe & The Crusaders vs. Bill & the Darthvaders. It’s just got a ring. (And aside from all the inherent drama in that kind of game, it seems kind of fitting that it would be the Redskins, the team Miami beat for their perfect season, that would be the one stumbling block standing between the Pats and History.)

And what a stumbling block this team is. It’s not just that the Skins have won four pressure-packed games in a row. It’s the way they’ve won them. On defense, they are BLOWING THINGS UP – quarterbacks, running backs, the line of scrimmage, whatever stands in their way. On offense, they’re SLICING & DICING… when they’re not BLOWING PEOPLE UP!! And in all phases of the game, when they need a play, someone makes one. It’s the right time of the year to be playing your best football.

Now, they have to fly cross-country on a short work week for a game against a team that plays well at home. Well boo-hoo. A team that’s played two games in five days sandwiched around a funeral isn’t even going to notice.

This team is playing like it’s on a mission, and every Skins fan can sense it.

1:29 AM  
Blogger Pile of Nonsense said...

This has been the most incredible season. Right now, I feel like the Skins are playing with house money; any success they have, they are doing miraculously better than people have any right to expect. They have already done the impossible -- nothing else they do can be a surprise. They're just living a dream now. :)

The Cowboys, I think, have a history lately of trending downward in the last part of the season; this season has been no exception... I can see them flubbing the playoffs again; they did last year, and they haven't yet learned how to win -- it's a team maturity issue, and they have young coaches. Green Bay, however, is scary...

12:11 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

This is unique.. Back-ups at QB, T, G, S, CB, LB..
A funeral, close losses, coach gets ridiculed.. I've never seen resilience like this..

12:24 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I just heard the garbage on espn radio about how great Todd Collins has
The Skins haven't played anyone, and yesterday the Cowboys couldn't care less they were on the field. Also, the Cowboys pass defense is as bad any teams in the NFL, it's a joke and will be the down fall of their shot at a super bowl.
As far as Taylor helping the team win, have you been drinking? am a Christian man, believe in Angels, but if you think they have anything to do with the out come of a ball game you need your head
Sure the players may be trying to feed off the tragedy, but that's as far as it goes. If the Skins had actually beaten a worthy team then maybe they could feel good about their playoff chances, but the NFC has only 2 good teams, and neither can play defense. I'm a Bears fan and my team went into the toilet this being said, the bottom feeders in the NFC playoffs didn't fare much better. Making the wildcard in thw nfc isn't much to be proud of. Which is another reason it's even more dpressing to not have made

Good luck, but the Skins season ends next week.

1:07 PM  
Blogger dave said...

Your pissed cuz you guys didnt make it. You contradict yourself saying their is only 2 good teams in the NFC but both have bad defenses. Sounds like you may have been drinking. LOL. How do you have a good team with a bad defense? Get a grip pal. Our season may or may not end next week but we have beaten very formidable teams. Also the skins had the 2nd hardest schedule in the NFL this year. The seahawks had one of the easiest. Look it up, its a matter of fact.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Not upset at all, and I said two GOOD teams in the nfc, not GREAT, huge difference. Cowboys and Packers have offense, but no defense, Skins, and my Bears, have neither at this point.
I never said the Seahawks were a good football team so no need in looking up their schedule, especially since I already know every teams schedule.
The dream will soon be over for the Skins, then finally we can all get back to reality.

1:47 PM  

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