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Thursday, January 03, 2008

January 3-- Heyer turned down a better deal to be a Skin

Vinny Cerrato said on Redskins Radio today that Bill Parcells is one of the main reasons Jason Fabini is in Washington and playing guard for the Skins this season.. Parcells believed according to Cerrato that Fabini would be a good fit to continue his career under the tutilege of Joe Bugel, the same reason undrafted free agent Stephon Heyer is here.. The two have the same agent.. Heyer apparently turned down better deals from other teams to learn from Bugel.. "Better deals" might be operative considering very little of any money offered to Heyer as an undrafted free agent would be guaranteed..

The Redskins tried to deal for Reche Caldwell with New England during the pre-season but were rebuffed by the Patriots.. After he was released the Pats, the Skins ":jumped on him." He was the one who came to Joe Gibbs earlier this month and asked for a bigger role with the team.. That has occurred..

Clinton Portis continues to ride Santana Moss during media sessions saying he's had a, uhh huh, male groin surgery. Moss doesn't quite find it very funny, to say the least..
In a more serious moment, Portis believes the fact that the Skins have played in Seattle, understand their strengths, and are not playoff neophytes, he believes the result could be quite different this time around..

Gregg Williams said the team made a smart move by holding back some of the reps of Shawn Springs early in the season, "so we'd have him now." It was a big deal when Springs started the season as the nickel corner and played far fewer plays then Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot.. I suppose I have no choice but to buy that, so I will..
Williams said the overall health of the corners, (Smoot dealt with hamstring issues for the early to mid part of the season) and Springs (see above) has led to the advent of more man coverage use.. Smoot was brought back according to Williams because of is abilities to play man.. The corners believe that their ability to limit the Seattle passing game will be the key to slowing the Seahawks offense down..
Smoot is playing in his first playoff game after seven seasons, he described it as "going to the fair for the first time."

OK men..


Blogger patrickhenry said...

So it seems like most of the experts are picking the Seahawks to win. It certainly makes sense, in a strange kind of way, that the Redskins magical journey should end in a rain and windswept place out at the edge of the continent, in a city that couldn’t be further away from Miami, and the Sean Taylor Effect.

I do think that this may be their most difficult test yet. But in the playoffs, the better team usually wins. Seattle was the better team two years ago, and proved it by going to the Super Bowl. This year the Skins are the superior team – and not just for the past four weeks. If not for a play here and a play there, they could easily be a 12 win team playing in the toughest division in football.

I notice Gibbs has his playoff face on. That’s a good sign.

There’s talk of rain and 50 mph winds – Redskins Weather, perfect for Super Smart Smash Mouth football. I don’t think the Seahawks will react well to being pounded on for a half.

Win the turnover battle, win the game.

Since the final score will obviously have to have some Sean Taylor connection, how about

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