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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19-- Cooley, Samuels honored

Both RB Clinton Portis and WR Sanatan Moss were sent home before today's walk through sick, they are expected to return tomorrow..
TE Todd Yoder is working on his ailing knee and Joe Gibbs is hoping he'll be back and ready to play the end of the week..
The team did not hold a full practice as usual on Wednesday, Gibbs felt as if the team needed more of a break after a late night win on Sunday and held only an hour long walk through without pads... The team is expected to hold a full practice tomorrow..

The team signed DE Alex Buzbee from the practice squad replacing LB Rocky McIntosh who goes on injured reserve awaiting knee surgery..
The team also released CB John Eubanks who was dealing with an infected toe..
Two new practice suqad players were signed, DE Tommy Davis (North Carolina), and LB Danny Verdun-Wheeler (Georgia)

HB Blades is expected to get his first NFL start at weak side LB to replace McIntosh.. Blades has been practicing at all 3 LB positions through the summer and the season, but has foccussed mainly at WLB in practice.. Randall Godfrey remains an option to play some snaps there but is the prime back-up to Marcus Washington on strong side..
Washington said he believes Blades will be ready stating the obvious, "everyone wants to play in the games that matter this much."

Chris Cooley said he is having his most consistent season after being named to his first pro bowl.. He was openly hoping lst week when the voting closed that he would beat out Jeremy Shockey and be the 2nd TE selected.. Cooley is 12 catches away from breaking his franchise mark for receptions by a Skins tight end that he set two seasons ago..

Chris Samuels was reflective about his career after learning he was going to Hawaii for the 6th time.. Joe Jacoby and Russ Grimm each went to 4 pro bowls.. Darrell Green I believe went to 7, few have been to more then Samuels in team history.. Samuels was thinking back to all the picks who were taken in the first round as he was back in 1999 and called himself blessed for being able to play this consistently this long..
Samuels credited Pete Kendall with helping him be able to have a pro bowl worthy season..

Joe Gibbs was asked about his record in Minneapolis, perfect including a Super Bowl victory stopping the question mid stream with a giggling response, "Don't start bringing that stuff up again. We have probably broken all those trends you guys talk about."
As far as a possible contract extension, Gibbs declined to comment saying that is best left to discuss in the off-season..

OK men..


Blogger Lisa24 said...

Bram, please, please tell Larry NOT to come up with a "winning vision" for the Skins/Vikings game like he did for the Patriots game. Heard you guys discussing it today. We don't need any kind of jinx.

4:32 PM  
Blogger Edward J. Cunningham said...

Bram, this is off-topic, but as a Christian and a Catholic, I want to apologize for Larry Michael's appalling suggestion that you convert to Christianity to enjoy Christmas. I know this is not the easiest time of year for those who don't want or feel they can't celebrate Christmas the way most Americans do. Remarks like that do not make things easier.

In spite of all this, I hope you can still enjoy the holiday. You don't have to take the family to Chinese though---Hooters will be open.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Edward, that is very nice and completely unneccessary.. Larry meant nothing by it, he was just trying to be funny..

I enjoy the holidays with my friends who celebrate all of them.. X-Mas is a wonderful time of year for everyone.. You don't need to be Christian to share joy with friends and family..

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours

2:06 PM  

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