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Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24-- Recapping the 24-17 loss to the NYG

Injuries from Giants game: WR Santana Moss, strained groin, LB Rocky McIntosh, shoulder burner, DE Phillip Daniels and DT Cornelious Griffin both left the game but returned after suffering bruises..
RB Clinton Portis said he was “hurt” which was part of the reason he was not in the game on the final two run attempts from the 1.. Portis did leave the game late in the first half but did return for the second half..

As for the decision to go with Betts instead of Portis on the final two runs, both Joe Gibbs and Jason Campbell said that they believe those two backs are “interchangeable.” FB Mike Sellars said he continues to hope to get a chance to make plays in those situations but obviously was not a consideration for a handoff though the team did try a short pass to him on the 2nd a goal play that ended up being incomplete..
I did not speak with Al Saunders so this is heresay, but I was told he “had no idea” where Portis was on the final two plays.. To be continued on that one..

Joe Gibbs said the team spiked the ball on the first and goal play because he wanted to get his “jumbo package” onto the field, but curiously, the team then decided to throw out of the jumbo package on the 2nd down play.. The team then called two plays, essentially the same play because without time outs they had to be prepared to run a second play if they were stopped on 3rd and goal.. Gibbs those runs plays, “our best run plays,” and in turn credited the Giants for making a strong goal line stand..

The team once again however exhibited a lack of cohesion during the 2 minute offense.. last week in Philly, the team took 3 penalties before being bailed out by the Eagles late in the first half.. This week, the team fumbled a snap because of a botched snap count between Casey Rabach and Jason Campbell, spiked the ball twice (many believe unnecessarily) and had trouble getting everyone on the same page as the clock was ticking.. Gibbs said he thought last year the 2 minute drill was one of the attributes of the team (I might dispute that) but this year he was more inclined to believe that it just didn’t happen yesterday as opposed to admitting issues with his team getting itself prepared for those moments..

CB Fred Smoot was inactive for a second straight week (hamstring).. WR Brandon Lloyd was active but played only a handful of snaps.. WR Reche Caldwell was inactive for a 2nd straight week..

At one point in the fourth quarter, the Redskins had 15 yards off second half offense and no first downs.. Shaun Suisham missed his first field goal attempt of the season going wide left on a 39 yarder on the Skins first drive of the season..

The Skins got three turnovers and lost the game.. The team was 2 and 0 having lost the turnover battle in the first two games.. That’s rare..

OK men..


Blogger A.E. said...

It all comes down to coaching.

This is shades of last year. Cowardly coaching.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Geoff said...

Bram, NFL Network is reporting that Gibbs (and not Saunders) called the plays on the final drive of the game. Can you confirm if that is true? Or, is it poor reporting of what has previously been the process--that Gibbs calls packages (short yardage or whatnot) but Saunders call plays?

12:26 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Last year Gibbs admitted the team had more of a committee approach when the ball gets into the red zone or 2 minute spots.. So this isn't really new news but I plan on talking to him about it on our show tomorrow at Noon..

7:29 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

Can you ask him if he thinks the "committee approach" in the red zone has potentially contributed to the calamity and disjointedness apparent in the red zone offense at the end of the first half in Philly and the end of the game this week? It certainly seems like that's the case.

5:49 AM  

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