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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19-- Campbell discusses McNabb comments

Guard Randy Thomas had successful surgery to repair a torn triceps muscle.. He was at Redskins Park a couple of hours after the procedure and said he was hoping to be given the chance to try and come back and play this season.. he will be in an arm cast for six weeks and then will need at least 2-4 weeks of rehab just to have a shot to play.. The team had no placed him on injured reserve at the time of me writing this and may not make a full decision until after the NYG game.. According to one source at the Park, the team is in no rush to make a decision this week..
The team worked out a couple of guards but had not signed anyone as of tonight.. One player was apparently speaking with the Rams as well..

Joe Bugel said the Eagles were doing some flinching on the line that forced the Jason Fabini into the late first half false starts.. Bugel said they sent the plays to the league concerned about the legality of it.. There is the so called "Neil Smith rule" that prevents D-linemen from flinching to force a false start...

QB Jason Campbell said when he first started playing QB in college he felt that he was held to a higher standard because he was Black.. Donovan McNabb made statements on Real Sports earlier this week claiming the criticism he receives is partially based on the color of his skin.. Campbell said he doesn't feel that way now and a few of his teammates that I spoke with all seemed to agree that Campbell is being viewed any differently because of his skin color and that ultimately the press at least locally seems to base their judgments on overall play..

Injuries: S Vernon Fox (groin) did not practice.. CB Fred Smoot (hamstring) took some of the work.. DE Phillip Daniels (foot) also took part in limited practice, he said he expects to be able to play this weekend against the Giants..

FB Mike Sellars says he has been lobbying coach Gibbs for years trying to get the team to give him the ball more often.. Sellars said that Al Saunders has alway wanted to give him more opportunities, but Gibbs was the one who he had to convince.. Gibbs laughed off the assessment that he needed to be convinced saying all players want the ball in their hands..

Giants LB Antonio Pierce said he spoke with former Skin LaVar Arrington recently and that Arrington lost upwards of 20 pounds, "You wouldn't recognize him." He said Arrington is in good spirits and is working hard to get himself back into shape for a possible reurn next season..

OK men..


Blogger Rob said...

As a member of the media, do you (bram) feel like black quarterbacks are criticized more harshly? Or is this something that McNabb is trying to make an issue? I didn't hear the question, so maybe Donovan was baited, but I'm curious to hear your opinion.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Personally I don't think so.. Certainly I don't think Jason is saddled with that kind of pressure here..
Who gets more criticism then Rex Grossman or Eli Manning?
I think McNabb is universaly praised everywhere outside of Philly, those fans finally got to him.. But that's just my opinion..

3:40 PM  

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