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Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24-- Explaining away the NYG game

WR Santana Moss is being called day to day by the Skins after suffering a strained groin late in the loss to the Giants.. Moss said if there was a game this week he would not be able to play.. As for what has become chronic injuries to his upper leg, Moss said " some guys don't have to deal with things like this, I am a guy who does." Moss has had upper leg injuries throughout his career but has been particularly afflicted this year with groin, hiop flexor, hamstring and now groin again..

LB Rocky McIntosh had an MRI on his shoulder after he suffered a "burner" yesterday and was held out of the final defensive series against the Giants.. The team had no results at the time I am writing this..
DT Cornelious Griffin suffered a "tick" on his meniscus in his knee.. He is day to day..
Joe Gibbs said he would be without ten players tomorrow if the team were to hold a practice thus he decided that the team wouldn't get enough done to make it worthwhile and so the Skins were given the entire week off heading into the bye.. They must return to work next Monday.. Gibbs said he felt the team needed a rest and that because there is a 13 game stretch following the off week, he felt the time was right to let them get away from Ashburn for an extended break..

RB Clinton Portis said he has bought into the "team concept." and because he is a "team player," he is second guessing the decision to have Ladell Betts run the final two plays on the 1 yard line with the Skins down seven with under one minute to go against New York.. Portis said there was no certainty that he would have scored on the plays and said he was hoping Betts would help the team get into the end zone and tie the game.. Joe Gibbs said the two backs are "interchangable," thus he is not second guessing the decision to go with Betts there.. One source told me Portis pulled himself out of the game and as for him being injured, Portis (who was noticeably limping today) said he "was fine."

On the decision to spike the ball at the one, Gibbs explained that he "could have run a QB sneak," but because the team had what they call their "nickel" offensive package with 3 WR's, they wanted to spike the ball to get the right "package into the game." So the Skins went with a jumbo package there but threw coming out of it and then had the two failed run plays.. Gibbs blamed the blocking on the left side of the line for the issues with not getting the ball in.. Gibbs said upon scouting the Giants, they felt these plays and matchups were the best for the Skins to succeed.. He also said that although the Philly issues before the end of the first half, Gibbs insinutaed that the team did everything they wanted to do except execute essentially taking exception to the notion that the Skins blew their two minute offense or had trouble with time management..

Gibbs praised Derrick Frost for his punting and said overall the special teams performance was one of the best since his return.. Shaun Suisham id not have any leg issues even though he missed his first field goal of the season and had some short kickoffs.. Gibbs said Suisham was doing some prescribed directional work..

QB Jason Campbell said the town needs not "to panic" right now and keep in mind the team is still 2-1.. This was the first moment of adversity that Campbell has been faced wiht since becoming the starting quarterback..

CB Fred Smoot said he was not lying to the media when he told us mid week that he would definitely play against new York saying he's never had a hamstring injury and didn't know how long it would last.. He said it was a coache's decision to not let him go against the Giants.. Smoot is expected to be ready for the Lions game in 13 days..

OK men..


Blogger ken said...


I don't know if your show with Larry is set up to be as objective as it seems when it comes to the Redskins' woes. I totally agree with your assessment. There is an underlying problem with Gibbs philosophy. It breeds loses or unnecessary nail-bitters.
Larry is just too set in his ways to except the reality that Gibbs' problem is the big elephant in the room. Any coach in history would be fired by now.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Geoff said...


Is your impression that Al Saunders is generally enjoying his time here...or enduring it?

1:07 PM  
Blogger 1# skin said...

If I here Joe Gibbs on more time
say, Were in this TOGETHER. I will be sick.Nothing could be further from the truth.Why run 8 yards wide to get 2 yard touchdown. And do it twice.DUMB! Why not go 2 yards up the middle with SELLERS.
Why not run jason on QB sneek.Lack of thinking or direction. JOE, stand up and run the offence. Sander does not work and you have lost your fire.

6:28 AM  
Blogger patrickhenry said...

This was certainly a galling loss, but every time the Redskins lose, we fans will find things to criticize. Bram, as you pointed out over and over, this was the classic trap game. I bet 85% of the people in the stadium Sunday thought the Skins had the game in the bag at halftime -- a number that unfortunately seems to have included the players. We don't want them to be human, but they are. So they let down. They lost their focus. Then they got ground down by a desperate team that will end up in the middle of the NFL pack.

It really sucks, but it will happen 4 more times this year... if we're lucky.

Let's get our expectations in line. The Skins are missing 3/5 of the offensive line that allowed them to run the ball last year. They have one scary wide receiver, and he'll be hurt much of the time.
Their corners are suspect, so teams with a good passing game will always give them trouble.

Teams like the Giants and the Lions, the Pats, and, worst of all, the Cowpokes.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Bram, after last night's Giants vs Eagfles game, I have far greater appreciation for the job our subs on the right side of the OL did vs the Giants. Clearly, they were better than I realized. Also, congrats to Joe Gibbs for wisdom in using extra tight end, etc., to help tackles on pass plays. -- Jerry

7:54 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Agree with just about everything you guys said.. That wasn't just a loss, it was a comfounding one.. Teams who use poor judgment in crunch time typically lose.. Hopefully things will get streamlined this week

11:50 AM  

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