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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 7-- Gregg speaks post AM practice

From the AM practice today.. The heat index today was up around 100 degrees this morning and it is supposed to be even hotter this afternoon.. The team once again shortened their work to a little over one hour.. The Skins are being very careful with their team’s exposure to the heat..

Injuries from this morning: TE Tyler Ecker (groin), RB Clinton Portis (knee), T Chris Samuels (knee), G Will Whittacker (high ankle sprain), WR Brandon Lloyd (shin splints), FB Mike Sellars (knee), TE Eric Edwards (undisclosed) all were held out of the morning practice…
DT Ryan Boschetti (undisclosed) has been limited working with trainers on the side..
Missing from practice was DL Bryant Shaw, we have not received word whether he was released or if he just missed the work..

During special teams drills today, K Shaun Suisham missed consecutive field goal attempts from about 30-40 yards out, first to the right, then left when coach Danny Smith sped up the unit to rush on the field to kick with an imaginary dwindling clock.. Suisham made his other 5 or so attempts.. There remains no competition at kicker or punter thus far in camp..

Correction from yesterday: The Redskins do not have an open roster spot after releasing QB Casey Bramlett.. If you play in NFL Europe, the league offers a camp exemption for an extra roster spot.. Should that player be released outright, as was the case with Bramlett, you lose the spot entirely..

Gregg Williams made his weekly appearance in front of reporters, some snippets of his 20 plus minute presser included lauding first round pick Laron Landry who he says has “wowed his teammates” with his speed and ability to cover the field.. Asked if Landry is ahead of the curve for most rookies, Williams said because teams are allotted more time in the off-season to work with their respective teams, he believes Landry is closer to being on the field then in past years.. Of course this didn’t apply to Sean Taylor or Rocky McIntosh, but I digress… They need and want Landry to play and play early this year..

On Pierson Prioleau, Williams believes his rehab from a torn ACL is going very well, he believes Prioleau has a future as a coach if he wants it after his playing career is over..

On DT Anthony Montgomery (who the coaches have been raving about through the off-season) Williams says he “had to learn how to work last year.” Montgomery has shed a lot of the weight that made him appear pudgy last season.. Currently he sits behind Cornelious Griffin and Kedric Golston on the depth chart..

On the rookie LB’s Dallas Sartz and HB Blades: Williams believes Blades has a shot to be a valuable special teamer but he has to learn how to “push himself.” Blades has been the rookie receiving the most friendly fire from Williams this summer, a sign the team thinks they have something in him.. sartz missed much of the first week with a hamstring injury, Williams said he has a “lot of catching up to do.”

On DT Joe Salave’a who is becoming a great story in camp returning healthy and becoming a more likely possibility to be a back-up this season, Williams said “his mind and body are back together.” Salave’a admitted the passing of his mother affected him last season.. The injuries to his calf and foot relegated him to the sideline and it appeared as if his career might be over.. But he is back and hoping to stick it out at least one more time..

The defensive coaching staff work with the offensive coaching staff in terms of dealing with young players and their respective games.. Williams said it is the responsibility of the entire staff to help each other.. Greg Blatche and Joe Bugel have what Williams calls a great working relationship where, in the instance a young player is forced into action (like this weekend with Stephon Heyer at LT) that Blatche and his veteran D-lineman are helping the coaches pinpoint what the inexperienced player needs to work on and vice versa.

Asked if camp is not very “hard,” Williams said this year’s camp is much more work heavy then last year.. The full contact hitting of camp remains relatively non-existent to which Williams cites a team policy of limiting “pile-ups.” But he says the overall contact is much more prevalent then a season ago.. There are two widening schools of thought on full contact at training camp, many like the Skins are starting off with limited contact in an effort to prevent injuries only to toughen practices as the season goes along.. Full pads were not uncommon during regular season practices last season.. Others like the Eagles run very contact heavy camp and go lighter as the season begins.. It’s an interesting split considering the past featured very hard camps with numerous two-a-days and the inevitable fights..

On returning to Tennessee where Williams was the defensive coordinator with the Titans (this is the 3rd or 4th time he has gone back) Gregg says it’s nice to do so, he calls Jeff Fisher one of his best friends and he said he hopes (“because we are still pretty young in this game”) that the two will coach against one another.. Rarely since coming to Washington has Williams openly mentioned his desire to be a head coach again often deferring to working under Joe Gibbs as a great spot for him.. He will be a head coach again, the question is how soon..

OK men, afternoon practice gets going soon..


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