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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31-- Landry is in, Portis is resting a sore knee

RB Clinton Portis was held out of the practice due to soreness in his knee.. He developed tendonitis during the OTA’s after coming off of shoulder surgery and apparently he is not completely over it.. The team will treat him as day to day for now..

T Chris Samuels prognosis looks pretty good, Joe Bugel and Joe Gibbs both believe he could be back sooner then the initial 4 weeks.. The team is relatively certain without a setback Samuels should be back to full health in preparation for the opener against Miami.. But for now he will rest and certainly will not participate this week or in the scrimmage this weekend..
When the team came out in 11-11 drills, Maryland undrafted rookie Stephon Heyer ran with the first team and took the bulk of the reps there.. he said he was surprised that he was chosen to go initially.. Joe Gibbs, who rarely is definitive about anything with the media warned us not to look into that too much, “we have made no decision on Heyer.” The team will run multiple combinations to find out what they have in terms of depth on the line, Taylor Ehitley will get a shot, possibly Jason Fabini, but Joe Bugel said that Fabini right now is a guard and was alternating between left and right guard for reps..
G Randy Thomas returned to practice but did not take part in 11-11 drills.. he is still resting a sore knee, he did take part in more individual stuff today then he had the past few.. Both Will Whitacker and Jason Fabini alternated taking his spot with the first team on 11-11..
Gibbs said that for now the team has decided to keep Todd Wade at guard as he continues to learn the position.. The feeling is Samuels will be ready by opening day so it is more imperative for Wade to continue to learn his new position, but Gibbs left open the possibility should tackle become a spot where the team is in need, Wade could move back..

LB Marcus Washington was back at practice..
Injuries: TE Tyler Ecker was out with a strained groin, WR Mike Espy was out with a bruised knee, T Chris Samuels was out, knee, FB Pete Schmidt was out with a rotator cuff injury, RB Clinton Portis was rested, tendonitis in his knee.. LB Kevin Jones left practice early to have his knee looked at by the trainers..

We had our first skirmish of camp, it lasted all of of about 1 second as back-up guard Ross Tucker took a swipe at Defensive end Bryant Shaw, nothing came of it..

Call it Brokeback Ashburn, Jon Jansen and Casey Rabach who have become inseparable have an RV that is parked in the lot at Redskins park, where they spend time between practices hanging out.. I don’t want to know what is going on in there and they don’t want me to come in either!

Former Skins CB Barry Wilburn was at the park doing an internship in coaching with the team.. Wilburn was among the candidates on the minority coaching list that Gibbs chose to have come out and work with the team..

S Laron Landry was at his first practice and started with the second unit, but the staff got him and Sean Taylor on the field together for numerous reps.. That is the hope by the first game that Landry will be caught up and ready to make an immediate impact.. Fred Smoot said Landry has to be able to understand the checks and the calls, if he doesn’t know how to place the secondary players in front of him, “Gregg won’t play him.”
Smoot has been praised by his teammates for picking up the defense immediately and being very communicative on the field in his return to the team.. Smoot said it was nice to be part of a defense he knew and that even being away for two years, he hasn’t had any problems picking up the terminology again.. Smoot reminded everyone he played with six different coordinators in 7 years, calling it refreshing to be in something he already understood..


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Lots of nagging injuries it seems -- kock on wood though so far at least its not Springs and Griffin. Our defense seems to collapse when those two are hurt.

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