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Friday, August 03, 2007

August 3-- Jansen/Rabach have a special relationship

A day after I am touting DL Jared Clauss as “one to watch” during the summer, the team releases him to bring back DT Vaka Manapuna.. Shows how much I know!

Guys who were injured and out today: G Randy Thomas left the field then returned, he participated in few drills.. I am not expecting him t participate in tomorrow’s scrimmage with Baltimore..

RB Clinton Portis remained out (knee), T Chris Samuels was out (knee), TE Tyler Ecker was out (groin), WR Mike Espy was out (knee), FB Pete Schmidt appears close to returning to practice but remains limited (shoulder), WR Carl Berman was out (hamstring), LB Dallas Sartz was out (hamstring), both of those players were running on the side with trainers..

G Todd Wade was held out of the lone session after he lost upwards of 17 pounds in two days.. he needed to be rehydrated but should be available for tomorrow’s scrimmage.. Wade told me that at one point he was weighing in at 298 pounds, he came to camp at 322..

Wade admitted the move to LG is a big deal, he is still working on learning the new leverage techniques.. he said his hands are an important part of learning the new position, that without proper hand placement, he will have a hard time stopping an inside rush..

Joe Gibbs praised the Ravens defense and said he looks forward to the challenge of the scrimmage, he also chided the media saying he wouldn’t reveal who they were playing or how much everyone would play because all we would do “is write nasty things.” But he continued, “Ya’ll probably write nasty things anyway.”

Two standout plays during 7-7 drills: Ade Jimoh picks off Jason Campbell as he jumped a crossing pattern.. Campbell came back with a 40 yard TD strike to Chris Cooley who was running down the middle of the field..

The next part is a little X rated so please read with care..

In what had to be one of the more ridiculous moments of the summer, Larry Michael and I interviewed Jon jansen and Casey rabach on the field after practice, while neither would comment on the large RV they are renting which is parked in the back of the lot at Redskins park.. They go in there together in between practices and do undesirable things..

Rabach has a penchant for showing off his nuts in the locker room and did so while we were talking to them.. Larry asked about Rabach’s “brain,” to which he explained how much work he has put into increasing the size of his ballsack.. Jansen agreed that Rabach has one of the largest ballsacks he’s ever seen.. Rabach also was mooning the Fox Morning Show live shot yesterday, which apparently could be seen visibly but from a long distance and you’d have to have known what you were looking for.. Rabach and Jansen admit they are always looking for ways to get their ass on TV..

OK men, see you in Baltimore hun..


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This is the greatest story to come out of Redskins Park I've ever read. Ever.

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