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Thursday, August 02, 2007

August 2-- Campbell tells ARE to get bigger ears

Clinton Portis says he had to play today he could.. He contends, “I don’t have an injury. My knee gets a little sore when I cut on it so we are playing it safe.” Portis is hoping not to have to deal with weekly tendonitis issues during the season so he believes the best course of action is to remain out of practice this week.. Asked if he would participate in the team’s first pre-season game in Tennessee, he said he had no idea.. Believe it or not, Portis said he misses practice, even though on the first day of camp when he was asked about “being one of those guys who likes hard practices,” Portis joked, “I don’t think we’ve met, you have me confused, I’m Clinton Portis.”

Jason Campbell fired back at Antwaan Randle-El, who yesterday admitted the offense had trouble understanding what Campbell was talking about in the huddle last fall.. ARE told one story where Campbell was trying to say “Falcon,” but it was coming out as “Balco.” When relayed the story today, Campbell said Randle-El has small ears, he needs to get bigger ones so he can hear.. Campbell also pointed out, “This is my offense now, they need to learn my language!”
Campbell said last year that Steve McNair was a mentor to him before he got the starting job, a day away from the scrimmage, Jason said he hasn’t had a chance to talk to McNair yet this camp but took his advice from the off-season which was to enjoy yourself and not get too caught up in the pressure of being a starting QB..
I asked Jason if McNair had similar issues with communicating early in his career, Campbell quickly responded, “He’s from a smaller town then me, I know we speak the same language.”
Check this Campbell video out if you haven’t seen it yet, great camera trick.. Campbell wouldn’t admit it was staged..

I spoke to Mark Brunell for the first time this summer today.. He was beyond laudatory about Campbell this summer saying that he and Jason have begun a pretty good relationship off the field.. He admits he would love to start, (“Who wouldn’t, I’m sure Todd Collins wants to start too.”) but has seemingly come to terms with the decision to go with Campbell and openly is trying his best to help Campbell in his progression.. Just opinion here, but I think Brunell deserves a lot of praise for handling the situation with about as much grace as could possibly be expected.. I’d be stunned if they made a move should Atlanta call this summer, but I suppose you never know..

I haven’t seen any video yet (if it exists) of the Warrick Holdman injury but it didn’t sound good.. Andre Carter and Phillip Daniels both said they were sending prayers to the former Skins linebacker who was rushed by ambulance to a Denver hospital after suffering a neck injury during Broncos practice..

Injuries for the Skins today: held out were RB Clinton Portis (knee), T Chris Samuels (knee), FB Pete Schmidt (shoulder), TE Tyler Ecker (groin), WR Carl Berman (hamstring), LB Dallas Sartz (hamstring) he's running on the side, WR Mike Espy, (knee)

Marcus Washington took part in full practice, Randy Thomas upped his work, he's still dealing with a sore knee..

OK men..


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