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Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4-- Redskins-Ravens Scrimmage

The Redskins rested the bulk of their offensive unit during the actual scrimmage section of the glorified practice with the Ravens in Baltimore.. Jason Campbell was used predominantly in 7-7 drills but did not take a single snap during 11-11.. The Ravens also rested the bulk of their starting defense during this section of the scrimmage as well.. The only starter on offense who was on the field for 11-11 was LG Todd Wade who has admitted through the first week of camp that he is struggling with the transition from guard to tackle.. Joe Gibbs was hedging on whether Wade would ultimately be the starter come September saying it was good for him to get the extra reps against the Ravens and that sooner or later the team will have to make a decision whether Wade is the right guy for the position..
Wade, who said he lost 17 pounds on Wednesday and Thursday and ultimately was held out of Friday’s walk through said he got his weight back with IV’s and Gatorade.. he also said coaches were going to pull him out after the first set of 11-11 drills but he asked to go back in saying he felt like he needed the work..

The only touchdown by the Skins during 11-11 drills was produced by draft pick Jordan Palmer who connected with receiver Burl Toler.. Asked about the quarterback position, Gibbs reiterated that it is likely the team will make a decision regarding the depth at the position.. The team is currently carrying five quarterbacks, one more then most teams.. It is likely either Casey Bramlett or Jordan Palmer will be released early in the pre-season to open the roster for someone who has a better shot of making the final roster..

WR Brandon Lloyd did not take part in the scrimmage, he is dealing with shin splints..

RB Clinton Portis underwent an MRI and it showed tendonitis in his knee.. Joe Gibbs (like Portis) said if the scrimmage were a regular season game, he would have played, but because it isn’t and there is no real game in the near future, the team will continue to rest him.. This week will likel be like last week for Portis, little to no practice, focusing more on cardio work, he also is taking anti-inflammatory medication.. Gibbs describes Portis as day to day..

RB Marcus Mason is a major long shot to make the roster, but he and Derrick Blaylock saw a lot of reps in B’more.. When asked about Mason, Gibbs said he “is a player we have liked from the beginning.”

There was a light crowd in Baltimore.. The lower bowl wasn’t even close to being filled.. The Ravens were charging $10-$25 bucks per ticket and it was 100 degrees outside.. The on field temperature was up to 121..

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