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Thursday, August 23, 2007

August 23-- Skins sign Fred Beasley

The Skins inked former 49ers fullback Fred Beasley, an 8 year vet to an undisclosed deal.. He is vying for the primary back-up spot behind Mike Sellars.. Washington released running back Dee Brown to make room..

Also, the first draft pick to be cut is TE Tyler Ecker who was released outright upon completion of the Pete Kendall deal.. Ecker was a 7th round selection out of Michigan, he injured his groin early in camp and never practiced again.. From what I heard, he was running with a strength coach the other day getting closer to a return and all things were looking up..
After the strength coach left, Ecker did some running on his own (against the advice of the particular coach) slipped, fell and re-injured his groin.. Now he's gone..


Blogger TJ said...


First off, I want to thank for you taking the time to write this blog. I come here for all the inside Skins information. You do a GREAT job!

I got to ask you, what is your opinion of Jason La Canfora? He seems like such an amateur when it comes to covering the NFL. He is dumbfounded (and gets bitter) when Gibb's isn't always up front about what he is going to do, even when it's obvious that Gibbs has other motives.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Boss Hog said...

Yeah, La Canfora is a boob. He's a serious amateur - but I have to admit his stories in the Post are must-reads for me if only for their "train wreck" qualities. He just can't resist throwing in casual editorializations (check out his constant references to "undrafted rookie" Stephon Heyer) in all of his stories.

I guess I can sympathize that the Skins, with their crazyass, paranoid front office, are a bear of a team to cover, but the Post really should get someone else on the beat. Jason is either incompetent or burned out, or both.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Saw JLC tonight, we get along really well.. He and I seem on the same page often on team issues..
Sugarcoating isn't exactly the right word for JLC, he should tell it like it is, but here and there he might want to find some different adjectives.. Might help him avoid some criticism..
Still though, he's a good reporter and I respect his work..

12:31 AM  

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