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Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18-- Steelers 12 Redskins 10, Campbell and Washington injured

Jason Campbell was blindsided by a hit directly on his knee during his second series against the Steelers.. He said he just lifted his foot a little as the hit was coming (which he did not see coming) and staved off suffering possible ligament damage.. The knee is structurally sound and Campbell only suffered a bruise.. As for his availability the rest of the pre-season, that will be up to whether it swells or is stiff and sore..
A couple of defensive players I spoke with thought the hit was “dirty.” Not in a sense that he intentionally tried to hurt Campbell, but these guys know about the rules about going low and thought it was out of line.. Brett Keisel apologized to Campbell and told him he didn’t think it was intentional.. Campbell was in the back of the interview room waiting to address the media while Joe Gibbs was talking, when Gibbs finished and walked by Campbell, Gibbs joked “Limp up there now, show them how hurt you are.” It was a sign that the team is relieved that this won’t be a long term deal..

LB Marcus Washington suffered a dislocated elbow when his arm got caught in a weird position between a couple of helmets during a tackle.. He says he believes he will only miss a couple of weeks, that is probably being conservative.. X-rays showed no breaks or bone fragments meaning it was a clean dislocation and the team was able to place it back, however it will be swollen and sore for some time.. Washington will likely have to wear an elbow brace this season..

WR Mike Espy’s knee got caught in the turf while making a cut on a route and he suffered a torn patella tendon.. He will undergo surgery on Sunday and is out for the season.. This makes for an interesting debate on who will become the 5th WR on the roster if the team keeps five.. It’s possible if Corey Bradford (didn’t play vs. Pittsburgh, hamstring) or Todd Pinkston make the team.. Could the Skins just keep their fifth WR on the practice squad and call him up if an injury occurs? Possible will tough decisions coming in the secondary.. Espy was the front runner to make the roster, now, who knows..

The offense continues to struggle running the ball and scoring points.. Brandon Lloyd did score his first touchdown as a Redskin on a pass from Todd Collins.. This was the drive Collins took over from Campbell after he was injured… Collins went 10 for 13 for 74 yards and a touchdown.. He’s now 15-18 this summer leading the team on the only two offensive scores of the summer and appears to be coming closer to solidifying the #2 spot.. Mark Brunnel seemed to have driven the team into field position for a late game winning field goal but procedural penalties and a ghastly offensive pass interference call on Burl Toler ruined a drive that ultimately ended on a Brunnel interception..
No decision has been made on who would start against the Ravens next week if Campbell can’t go..

Others who missed the game, RB Clinton Potis (knee), RB Rock Cartwright (hamstring), G Todd Wade (shoulder), WR James Thrash (ribs), TE Tyler Ecker (groin), DE Jamaal Green (shoulder), CB Ade Jimoh (sick)

S Reed Doughty had a strange reaction to some new eye drops he was using.. TE Todd Yoder noticed during the team breakfast that one of Doughty’s eyes was so dilated you could only see black and not his normal eye color of blue.. The team sent him to a specialist to have it checked out.. He underwent a cat scan and a myriad of tests which showed no neurological issues.. Doughty got to the stadium about ten minutes before game time and played.. He labeled it just a “weird occurrence.”

Gibbs praised the play of Stephon Heyer but reserved judgment on the play of G Mike Pucillo who started in place of the injured Todd Wade.. Wade told me pre-game he expects to be back at practice this week.. It will be interesting to see who the Skins start at LG should that be the case.. The run game however struggled again, a point of emphasis for Gibbs postgame..
DT Cornelious Griffin did not start tonight, likely for more caution as the team is trying to keep him healthy this summer.. Joe Salave’a paired with Kedric Golston.. Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers were the starting tandem at CB but they shuffled in Fred Smoot early and often..

The Skins have yet to allow a TD this summer, but did lose 12-10 to Pittsburgh.. Jordan Palmer still has not taken a snap for the Redskins..
Jason Campbell converted a 3rd and 12 on the team’s opening drive despite losing headset communications with the sidelines, the team had to use the old fashioned hand signals.. Campbell was having trouble hearing the plays during that drive from there forward as well, still he converted yet another 3rd and long..

OK men..


Blogger feeshta said...

What's the deal with Monty not playing Bram?

1:24 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

He has a slightly sprained knee so they are being careful with him

2:40 PM  
Blogger dha said...

This gets more interesting by the hour. Jason may or may not be the long-term answer, but is he even close to being ready to handle Big Time pressure right now? We don't need to make Collins into the second coming of Joe Montana, but he is so far ahead of both Brunell and Campbell with respect to getting rid of the ball under pressure and not giving the ball away it's almost laughable.
And once an athlete begins to have a history of injuries [let alone multiple injuries],they rarely come back 100%. Good thing we have Marshall, a very underrated linebacker.

2:01 PM  

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