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Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19-- Campbell's knee is doing well

Joe Gibbs said QB jason Campbell is feeling good today, the day after he suffered a knee bruise that ended his night ealy against Pittsburgh.. The team has not given him an MRI yet and they may choose not to unless it starts feeling more sore.. Campbell is currently day to day.. If he does not play next Saturday in the 3rd pre-season game against Baltimore, there has been no decision on who the starting QB will be..
Apparently Todd Collins and Mark Brunell have been alternating reps as the primarty back-up in the off-season into camp and thus it was not a surprise to either when the decision to let Todd go in second this past week was made.. Gibbs called Collins performance through two games impressive..

Marcus Washington has "no inordinate ammount of swelling" in his dislocated elbow.. he is considered week to week at this point but there was no timetable given for his return.. It will all depend how long it takes for the swelling to get out of the joint and for him to regain his strength.. Gibbs did not committ to the replacement for Washington as starting strong side LB.. Khary Campbell came in first last night.. he says Lemar Marshall, HB Blades and Dallas Sartz could all work in that position..
What might be scrapped for the time being is a passing down experiment the team has been working on which moves Phillip Daniels inside and Washington as a rush end..

The injuries of the pre-seaosn will not change the plan the Redskins have stuck to by playing their starting units more.. Joe Gibbs said he wants his offense to get more time on the field in the hope of avodiign a slow start like last summer..

G Todd Wade is expected to be the starter when he returns from a shoulder injury, possibly as early as this week.. Mike Pucillo "did well" accoridng to Gibbs and could win the job should Wade not show improvement in the final two pre-season games..
T Stephon Heyer received praise from Gibbs again this week for his performance filling in for Chris Samuels..

Gibbs reiterated that he would have liked to game plan more for the Steelers if he could have done it over (teams rarely game plan much for opponents in the pre-season) saying the team missed a number of assignments in the game due mainly to the lack of preparation for Pittsburgh..

OK men..


Blogger ruslev said...

I think it is time to move Brunell to Atlanta. Gibbs worked for them as a consultant and the Redskins would be helping Atlanta by sending a good-guy veteran to help steady the ship. The Redskins should build some NFL good will. Collins knows the system better than Brunell. This will also allow Brunell to be a starter again. Philly is always ready to pick up another draft pick and Reid seems to establish these backroom player "swaps" which always help his team down the line. Holcomb is probably already heading south.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

After what the Falcons have seen, what is he worth? That's always been the question in my mind, what would they give up? Is he actually better then Joey Harrington? I'm with you, I just doubt it will happen..

8:14 AM  

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