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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22-- Campbell misses again, Portis in no rush

Jason Campbell missed a second straight day of practice, he remains unlikely to play Saturday against the Ravens.. Todd Collins and Mark Brunell alternated reps with the first team so it will remain a surprise as to who will be under center should Campbell ultimately be held out.. Maybe Joe Gibbs will tell us tomorrow, maybe he won’t..
Santana Moss says “I can’t give you a good answer,” as to whether missing Campbell missing the 3rd and likely last prolonged session for the offense this summer would be a setback.. He is a strong believer in the guys who do their job, be where they are supposed to be mantra will ensure this will be fine.. he says watch the game experience they have and you’ll see that it doesn’t take long for them to get on the same page..
What’s become readily apparent is the offense as a unit will not be playing together until the first game..

RB Clinton Portis had on pads, did some light work but remains essentially out of the heavy workload of practice.. I asked him directly, “When are you going to play?” His response was to giggle, “Ask coach Gibbs, September 9th I hope.” Asked if he might play some snaps the final pre-season game against Jacksonville, Portis said “My birthday is on Saturday so I doubt it.” The team continues to maintain that Portis (knee tendonitis) is fine, could play now if he had to and is just resting to ensure his knee feels as good as possible for the real games..

There is no word as to who will start at LG this week.. Todd Wade remains limited and Mike Pucillo is taking the bulk of the first team snaps.. Pucillo said he is working hard regardless of the role. What’s he supposed to say?

LB Dallas Sartz left practice after he had an allergic reaction to an ointment placed on a band aid on his chin.. he was treated and is fine.. TE Tyler Ecker (groin) did not practice..

Gregg Williams said replacing Marcus Washington (elbow, out) will be a combination of players, possible Randall Godfrey who showed up yesterday, Khary Campbell and HB Blades who Williams credited for knowing how to play all 3 LB positions.. As for rush end work that Washington was doing this summer, a couple of young names to watch this weekend are DE Chris Wilson and Alex Buzbee..
Williams also credited LB matt Sinclair with playing well and said you will see some more of Anthony Trucks who was on the practice squad for a period of time last fall.. There is essentially a linebacker tryout going on this weekend against the Ravens..

DT Cornelious Griffin has played few snaps during the pre-season thus far but is expected to get a little more time this weekend against Baltimore.. Williams said he is just trying to limit the amount of punishment on Griffin who has struggled through the past two seasons with various injuries.. Griffin “is back in terms of his strength,” according to Gregg..

T Stephon Heyer shrugged off the criticism of the left side of the offensive line saying he doesn’t read the paper or watch the news and says the coaches have been nothing but positive to him about his performance thus far.. The left side of the O-line has come under heavy criticism after allowing 8 sacks and owning low rush totals through 2 pre-season games.. Jon Jansen stuck up for the unit saying “That some of their mistakes have been pointed out but I have made some too but because I am a 9 year veteran, they aren’t being made a big deal of.” He proclaims that the unit will be fine..

OK men..


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