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Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12-- Skins "beat" Titans 14-6

After spending the off-season preaching the importance of winning the pre-season games, it's ironic that not everyone would be feeling like the team won despite the 14-6 victory over Tennessee.. The locker room was releaved by the win despite the starting offense being stifled by the Titans to the tune of 122 first half yards and no points (they did miss one field goal attemptl).

Jason Campbell went 6 for 14, he fumbled the ball twice, the first was a turnover on a blideside blitz.. Campbell took the blame for the play saying he needs to see that, read it and get rid of the ball sooner...
Pas protection was at issue as the Skins gave us 5 sacks, Mark Brunell took 3 of them with the second team that didn't begin play until the 3rd quarter..
Gibbs promised his starters would play longer this summer, the starters went the entire first half even calling some late time outs in the second quarter to try and generate some points..

The Skins scored their two touchdowns at the end of the game, Marcus Mason (G'Town prep) scored on a one yard run after a couple of string pass plays from Todd Collins to Eric Edwards/Pete Schmidt got them down there.. It was the one drive of the game where the Skins got in the Titans red zone..
A fumble was recovered in the end zone on the ensuing drive by Byron Westbrook, another local..

RB Clinton Portis was checked out by Dr. James Andrews while in Nashville, he told me the injury to his knee remains only to be tendonitis, and the team will cotninue to use the same methods in the hopes of clearing it up before the opner.. One team source told me there is little concern Portis won't be ready for Miami, as for playing in the pre-season, that is still up in the air.. Portis will continue to do cardio work and some exercises to strengthen his thigh while taking oral anti-inflammatories..
While we were on the sideline last night, a couple of hecklers yelled out "Hey Portis, how's the dog fighting going." Portis smiled and asked if I had heard that.. I told him he'll never live it down..

Injuries from last night: DE Jamal Green suffered a shoulder burner, DT Lorenzo Alexander suffered a facial laceration after he made a tackle with his helmet off.. He ended up getting hit in the chin by a Titans player.. LB HB Blades suffered a dislocated finger, he said after he made a tackle his finger looked "like a Z." They popped it back into place and he will receive treatment for it..

Gregg Williams allowed London Fletcher to call the defense last night.. Fletcher played for Williams while the two were in Buffalo, now being reunited Fletcher is considered a key for a defensive resurgence.. Fletcher led the team in tackels in the first half when it was mostly the starters with 6.. The team rotated it's D-line while leaving the back 7 mainly in tact through the first 30 minutes.. Corenlious Griffin played fewer snaps that would be likely.. DT Anthony Montgomery had his knee wrapped but there was no word on any injury that may have occurred..

Al Saunders now knows my name is Bram Weinstein. I'm not sure who he thought I was all through last year when we did numerous interviews.. There's no reason to be miffed though, he thought Larry Michael worked for Comcast SportsNet and not the team..

ok men..


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