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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22-- Portis apologizes, so does Samuels

OK, someone explained to Clinton Portis that felonies aren't cool..
But he didn't say so, the Redskins did.. I appreciate the team's quick response to the Portis comments on WAVY-TV essentially saying, everyone hates dog fighting and finds it denounceable.. Knowing Portis, he will address this, he will do so with contrition and he will mainly be sincere..

here's the issue, Portis is immature.. He also is quite the free spirit.. Both admirable and both seemingly understandable.. He's young and open minded. In general, this is a positive, at least from my perspective of wanting to have someone who's willing to speak the truth and their mind.. Among the topics discussed with Portis over the past couple of years: 1) How he pumps himself up (With an Austin Powers like penis pump), 2) What's wrong with the Redskins in '06 (No leaders, he even had to turn his back on Brandon Lloyd) 3) UM brawl with Florida International (this was the school's fault scheduling a game among schools who's players have had off field problems with one another due to proximity of the schools and jealousy of the guys who don't attend UM. This led to a discussion about why guys carry guns and crazy moments athletes in college and in the NFl find themselves in) 4) The characters (lovable and strange, certainly weird)
All of these issues are among things most guys avoid, not Portis, who honestly if was thrown out of football would probably find something to do with his time that would make him happy..

Opinion here, but I believe Portis doesn't think dog fighting is a big deal regardless of the retraction (like I said, he hasn't said anything et, the team's PR staff did). My gut feeling is Portis isn't a bad guy, but apparently he's been exposed to dog fighting and isn't as shocked by it.. Certainly we all have our feelings about how severe a crime may be due to past experience, unfortunately, when you play for an NFL team, everything illegal is a no no to the nth degree, and Portis learned this the hard way..

T Chris Samuels, laughing during the Portis comments (he basically said fighting dogs is Michael Vick's business and none of ours and it's no big deal). He apologized personally after OTA's today.. Not a surprise, I've never heard Samuels say anything remotely controversial.. He's a PR dream..

Bottom line, this will blow over.. If it was a certain other UM player in the locker room, it might be defcon 5 at Redskins Park..


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