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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April 3-- Briggs deal dead for now

Hi! Been gone to Thailand for a couple of weeks and apparently missed a lot.. So here's the quick rundown of what went down while I was sunning myself..

S Adam Archuletta was dealt to the Bears for a 6th round pick but more importantly the Skins rid themselves of over million in dead cap space had they released him outright.. I have read numerous accounts of people complaining about the return in compensation, my opinion is the Skins did the best they could to alleviate the cap issue which was priority one in extracating Archuletta off the roster..
Adam wanted out, he made that clear, thankfully the Skins didn't give him all ten million of his bonus in 2006, the second five was guaranteed, but it was a bonus not paid yet.. So the two sides moved the payment back to hammer out a deal with Chicago who wanted Archuletta last year but were outbid.. So the cap hit for Archuletta is about 4.5 million this year, nothing in 2008 instead of 9.. Thus, in my opinion the Skins made the most of what was a bad decision a year ago..

WR David Patten was released, not a surprise.. OL Todd Wade was resigned, he could conceivably battle for the guard spot left by Derrick Dockery's departure to Buffalo, but more likely he is the prime back-up to Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels.. P Derrick Frost resigns for one year..

Apparently the Skins were blowing some smoke that they might be interested in QB Jamarcus Russell, likely the top pick in the draft.. The folks I spoke with believe Jason Campbell is the quarterback and that this tactic is more about a potential trade up to get WR Calvin Johnson, who the Skins like very much.. The trade up scenario likely involves dealing away some of their 2008 picks which as of now is in tact minus the 4th rounder likely going to Denver to complete the TJ Duckett deal.. If the Skins are indeed interested in Russell, well then I will cease ever again trying to decifer the vision of the organization.. The tactic might be in the hope of forcing Russell first to Oakland or whoever in an attempt not to have to move as high the top pick to get Johnson.. All this seems rather odd considering the ammount of money already allocated at the WR position, but the Skins certainly are missing a true #2 possession receiver so maybe they'll break the bank again and add another one to a very crowded core.. The likely scenario is that Washington will not move up but rather move down..

They attempted to do so by dealing the 6th pick to Chicago for pro bowl linebacker Lance Briggs and the 31st overall pick.. It appears the Bears wanted a player in return and Washington said no.. This is off, for now.. With over three weeks until the draft, this is by far not over.. Similar to the Johnson talk, Briggs would be a fine addition to the linebacker position, however it would again make for a glut at the position.. Briggs would obviously be the starter at weak side, Marcus Washington opposite and London Fletcher in the middle... It means Rocky McIntosh and Lemar Marshall are certain back-ups with Marshall working at both outside and middle.. It also would take the Skins out of what appears to be perfect draft position..

Washington's dire need resides along the D-line, extrapolated out, the draft appears to be shaping up with Russell going Number 1, Johnson going 2 or 3, OL Joe Thomas going 2 or 3, Brady Quinn conceivably at 4 to Cleveland leaving Washington one pick away from getting the best defensive player on the board, or at the very least the best D end or tackle, whichver one is not taken.. Both are need positions with the age and injury history of Phillip Daniels, Renaldo Wynn, Cornelious Griffin and Joe Salave'a.. But the tea leaves read Washington wants out of the spot whether it is up or down..

My guess is the Skins ultimately get the Briggs deal done, they'll send Lemar Marshall or (man I hope not) McIntosh over and Chicago will compensate with another lower pick.. Briggs gets his 20 million dollar bonus and the Skins get the flashy signing and again they prove they aren't particularly interested in building through the draft nor interested in building for any kind of long term future..

The pre-season schedule is out, they open August 11th at Tennessee, the next two weeks are home dates against Pittsburgh and Baltimore and they close on the road at Jacksonville on a Thursday night..


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