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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 25-- Skins get ready for draft

Skins owner Dan Snyder said there is not a problem with the structure of the Washington Redskins, "the problems of last season didn't stem from the structure of the team." Thus ends all continuing speculation of a general manager potentially being brought in to facilitate a different method to any and all personnell moves by the Skins, at least while Joe Gibbs remains coach and President..

As for this weekend's draft, the Redskins are "in love with a couple of people but we can't get to them." That means the Skins are indeed among the many teams vying for WR Calvin Johnson, likely the second overall pick in the draft, but without much ammunition in terms of draftable parts (more drafts picks) they'd have to mortgage their future to get the deal done.. Gibbs did say he believes that those who say the team doesn't value the draft are not correct.. But the Skins have used 19 of their last 38 picks and have drafted fewer players sinced 2000 then the Texans, Houston didn't come into the league until 2002..

The team gave no true indication of what they will do, but it appears their plans are as such: 1) find a way to get up to get Calvin Johnson. Vinny Cerrato says "whatever Detroit gets at 2 will be a lot because there are a lot of teams involved. " The Skins would only know this if they inquired themselves. 2) If they can't get Johnson, take the most value from whoever wants the 6th overall pick to trade down. Best case scenario here is QB Brady Quinn is on the board as well as RB Adrian Peterson. This would give the Skins two pawns that they have no interest in drafting in the hopes of building a bidding war. 3) Draft a player. Odd to say drafting someone at 6 is option 3, but again, there doesn't appear to be a player they are in love with.

If scenario 3 plays out, the most likely players to be selected: Johnson (won't be there) but would end up being the dream scenario. Debate between S Laron Landry and DT Amobi Okoye. Landry is extremely well liked by Gregg Williams, he's the blitzer Williams desires with more range that Adam Archuletta was missing. D-line however is the extreme need for the Skins and Okoye is an interesting prospect. Gibbs said he would have no apprehention drafting the 19 year old looking at his age as "a positive." Should DE Gaines Adams be available, he would be option 3.. My gut says they trade down and take the best defensive player available wherever they land in the first round..

Snyder, Gibbs and Cerrato said the league changes regarding the player personnel policy is something that they were ahead of the curve on and they won't have to change much about their evaluations because "character" has always remained a major tenet of their selection process.. Cerrato said a number of talented players were "taken off the board" due to questionable backgrounds.. Asked specifically about the report regarding Johnson, Adams and Okoye admitting to smoking marajuana, Gibbs said "it's a report. I haven't heard anyone confirm this." Translation, we like a couple of these guys and a little pot won't stop us from drafting them..

On Lance Briggs, the Redskins did not rule out the mergence of those trade talks again on draft day.. The deal offered was the 6th pick for Briggs and Chicago's selection, number 31 overall.. The Bears wanted more.. Gibbs said deals like that are consummated 1 in 100 times but he never says never regarding the possibility of it being in discussion..

Snyder mentioned he met with WR Brandon Lloyd during the owner's meetings in Arizona and said that "we are really proud of him," for the shape he is in describing their get together as good.. No one had asked a question about Lloyd..

Snyder defended the trade to move up last year to select LB Rocky McIntosh only to see him play sparingly on defense saying "You'll see that Rocky ended up being a good pick." Gibbs lauded the workout regimens of DT's Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery saying you will see big improvement in their play. Gibbs also said he likes the OL players "we got off the street" late last season.. These last two topics were essentially in reponse to questions of depth and need on the lines..

The Wow moment came when Gibbs stated that anyone drafted would have a hard time cracking the Redskins starting lineup.. They went 5-11.

I spoke with Gibbs alone after the press conference on the subject of his grandson who was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year.. Taylor is doing better according to Gibbs and the doctors are feeling very good about his progress.. There was a scare a couple of weeks ago due to some issues with medication but he says the boy is dealing with the cancer very well.. Taylor is 2 years old..


Blogger Skin Patrol said...

Welcome back!

12:14 PM  
Blogger WRArtMonk said...

I believe they will take DE Gaines Adams. It's hard to believe that he wouldn't crack the starting lineup though. I think we all understood that with Rocky McIntosh considering where he was drafted last year. But that's an odd comment to make about a 1st round 6th overall pick. I wonder if that's a hint that tells us that they will be trading down for quantity, rather than quality.

P.S. Thank you for the update on Joe's grandson. All of our prayers go out to Taylor. I have a 10 month old and a 4 year old and to see that kind of thing happen to a 2 year old breaks the heart.

3:45 AM  

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