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Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30-- Skins Draft Review

The Redskins used the sixth overall selection on LSU safety LaRon Landry.. Far be it from me to criticize the selection of the player many felt was the best defensive player available, however the glaring need on the defensive line was not addressed by the team. The Redskins, to their credit did try to trade down from number 6, and with Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson available, it appeared as if the Skins had some leverage to move, but as it turned out, Quinn wasn’t quite the pawn many thought he’d be. I ever heard Brian Billick say it was rare to hear such differences in opinion of one player as was the thought processes of the league regarding the Notre Dame QB..
So bottom line was the Skins took the best player available and had to suffer through a little buyers remorse for not having a 2nd, 3rd or 4th round pick to help fill other needs.. Their defensive line appears to be coming back in tact.. The hope by the team is that Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston will improve significantly and become a stabilizing force with a healthy Cornelious Griffin.. Age and injuries will hinder the left side with Phillip Daniels and Renaldo Wynn… Best guess is to watch the June first waiver wires, if someone of note that is young and can play DE is out there, the Skins will move on it..
The team used it’s fifth round pick on Dallas Sartz, LB out of USC, the team is looking for some youth and depth at LB considering Marcus Washington will be recovering from hip surgery through the summer and obviously with all the trade talk surrounding Lance Briggs, Washington isn’t 100% that Rocky McIntosh is the answer at WLB.. London Fletcher comes in the undisputed starter at MLB but at 30+, he is not the long term solution.. Sartz is big, but not fast.. In the 6th round the Skins got what may be a steal in LB H.B. Blades, the Big east defensive player of the year out of Pitt.. He fell due to size, only 5-10, but he has a good football pedigree, his Dad was Bennie Blades, played mainly for Seattle..
The other sixth round pick they got from Chicago in the Adam Archuletta deal went toward Jordan Palmer, UTEP QB.. He’s big at 6’5” and he has a very famous brother, Carson.. So the Skins took a flyer on a young QB who will likely compete with Casey Bramlett to be the project guy behind Mark Brunell and Todd Collins.. If Palmer or Bramlett show real positive signs, maybe they bump Collins, maybe.. The 7th round pick was for Tyler Ecker from Michigan, a blocking TE.. He will have a significant shot at making the team as the Skins have been searching for a replacement to Robert Royal since he signed in Buffalo last off-season..
Washington inked K Tyler Frederickson, he’s been in training camps with Dallas, Seattle and Denver.. He will compete with Shaun Suisham for the kicking job this summer.. The team also signed nine undrafted free agents, Maryland QB Sam Hollenbach and T Stephon Heyer.. He’s massive but missed 2005 with a torn ACL.. Others inked: RB Terry Caulley (UCONN), CB Daniel Francis (LSU), DE Justin Hickman (UCLA), LB Zach Lattimer (Oklahoma), RB Marcus Mason (Youngstown State), WR Taylor Sele (BC), WR Deyon Williams (UVA)

Bottom line: The Redskins did what they could with the pick once the Briggs trade fell through.. That thing was very much on as of the night before the draft but Washington wouldn’t give up more then the 6th pick and Chicago decided to hold firm.. The Skins could still deal next year’s first rounder for Briggs should the stalemate continue between he and the Bears.. No one has said the talks are off for good, just for now.. Washington actively tried to move down from 6, Quinn apparently wasn’t enough bait to get a good deal.. But Dallas does get the steal of the day getting Cleveland’s first rounder next year plus a pick from the Browns to let them take Quinn at 22… So stuck at 6, Washington had two choices, take Landry, many believed the best player available and considering the trade of Archuletta, certainly an immediate starter or take Amobi Okoye, DT out of Louisville who has major upside at 19.. So Washington went with the guy they liked most and it’s hard to fault them for it.. More picks would have been nice..


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