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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March 7-- Most convoluted trade scenario ever

Far be it from me to cast judgment on the Redskins front office and their decision making, but in the case of the proposed Dre Bly/swap first round picks/move back up by trading Shawn Springs scenario, let me say, the necessity for commentary is overwhelming...

Jason LaCanfora wrote about the Skins desire to land Dre Bly from Denver after failing to complete a trade for him while he was with Detroit.. And the story he is telling is astounding...
Bly, of course, didn't want to go to Denver using the thinly veiled reasoning of wanting to play close to home (he grew up in Southern Virginia).. After a good chuckle, you recognize why he indeed wants to play here, Denver refuses to rip up his contract and the Redskins willingly will... This is the final big time payday for the 30 year old CB and everyone in the NFL knows where a late career bread buttering can and will occur.

The Skins remain hot to trot for Bly so much so they are now in talks with Denver and here's how the story reads: The Redskins will get Bly because he already told Denver he wants nothing to do with them unless they use the magic words : new signing bonus.. So he's a problem for them and needs to go.. The Skins are active dealers esepcially with Denver that a deal can be consummated..
So as it stands now, Bly comes to DC with the Broncos first round pick (21st) and either a second or third round pick in exchange for the Skins first round pick (6th).. This does not seem like an immediate fleecing unlike the TJ Duckett deal.. The Post story mentions how badly the team wants that third round pick back... They got raked over the coals for the expensive insurance policy in Duckett that the team never cashed in on..
But that's not all, the Skins then would trade Shawn Springs to someone for some combination of picks potentially a move back up into the mid teens of the first round to take a defensive lineman...,.

Is this the actual game plan that the Redskins discussed? Trade down, get a 30 plus year old CB, rip up his contract, give him top dollar, trade the other 30 plus year old CB because he wouldn't take a pay cut, recoop one mid round pick you gave away for no good reason, and somehow move back up in the first round to take the D-lineman they desperately need... Huh? Does this make sense of even seem remotely possible? NFL trades don't just happen, they need to make sense for two, or in this case, 3 to 4 different teams to make it happen.. This is the most convoluted scheme I've ever heard of all based around A 30 YEAR OLD CB... Hello? When did Dre Bly become Deion Sanders?

So, keeping Springs and drafting the best DL on the board at #6 is a worse scenario then getting Bly, paying him a Springs like contract that will explode in two years when he can't be expected to perform at a pro bowl level anymore, then taking the 5th or worse DL on the board plus adding a third rounder (the only part of this whole thing I like)..

How about this: stop trading picks for fledgling NFL players, stop doing "whatever it takes" for skill position players on the backside of their careers, stop ripping up their contracts before they've ever done anything for you, start signing your own before free agency hits..

OK, I'm done ranting..

By the way, the team cut K John Hall today saving nearly 2 million in cap space..


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