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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Beach Blitz and Portis said what?

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that people were tailgating at the Virginia Beach Convention Center yesterday, there may have been about a 1000 people just hanging out upwards of two hours in advance of the Beach Blitz..
I suppose I'm not surprised by anything after seeing people tailagte in the median of Loudon County Parkway at 8AM in preparation for day one of Skins training camp last summer..

The weather sucked, the hotel the station put us up in could have been a shelter for Michael Vick's dogs, and well Virginia Beach isn't exactly Malibu, but it was a nice event..

Clinton Portis went on WAVY TV, a local station in the Norfolk area and was asked about Michael Vick.. Portis called him a good role model and suggested people should mind their own business in regard to dog fighting.. He also said those are Vick's dogs and he can do what he wants with them..
Chris Samuels was conducting the interview as well, and seemed more then a little surprised at the comments..
Portis said where he grew up in Mississippi that he could take anyone to see a dog fight if they wanted..
Someone needs to tell Portis how serious these potential charges are.. His strong personality and unique feelings of personal liberty are certainly admirable, but this isn't about having a stripper pole in your basement.. I'm going to assume someone is going to explain to Portis that dog fighting ain't cool..

Samuels came on my show yesterday and revealed he underwent hernia surgery.. Samuels wasn't sure if he played with the hernia during the season.. He has had other off-seasn procedures as well and claimed himself to be at 80% healthy but has no reason to believe he would miss any of camp.. Asked when was the last time he came out of a season at full strength, he said in 2001..

LB Marcus Washington appears on schedule for a full return to practice for training camp.. He underwent hip surgery this off-season..
WR Santana Moss suffered a slight groin injury during the secnd week of OTA's, this after straining his hamstring during the first week.. The team will be very cautious about him through the rest of the voluntary work..
Portis has knee tendonitis and is going to get it checked out by Dr. James Andrews.. At this point, there is no major concern over what the team is calling a setback to his recovery.. But he didn't have a knee injury, he suffered a subluxation of his shoulder.. How he got a knee injury has yet to be revealed..


Blogger Lee Hernly said...

Clinton is a moron for saying this. We've all wished we could rewind our life after saying or doing something we really didn't mean.

We all have a right to privacy, but all animals have rights too.

6:51 AM  
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