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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

December 26-- Lloyd doesn't know why he is barely playing

CB Shawn Springs has "a future" with the Redskins according to Joe Gibbs who described Springs as someone who can play other positions besides CB.. Not sure if he meant that Springs could potentially be moved to a safety position or if the team is interested in having him back as a CB or nickel back.. Springs cap number rises over 7 million next year thus he is a likely candidate to renegotiate if he were to stay as a Redskins beyond this season.. He will be placed on IR either tonight or tomorrow with a broken scapula (shoulder Blade) which Gibbs says he has done 3 times now.. Expect a practice squad player to be signed to the active roster for Springs spot..

DE Phillip Daniels is said to be OK after getting hit in the throat and suffering from a scary moment where he was unable to catch his breath.. he's expected to be able to play this weekend..
LB Khary Campbell suffered a hamstring injury in the Rams game and may be held out of practice this week..
FB Mike Sellars has a bruised shoulder but is expected to be OK for the NYG game..
NYG DE Michael Strahan was placed on IR suffering from a foot injury and will miss the regular season finale..

Joe Gibbs said he has never had a special teams group play as well as the one he has right now off of the Rams game.. Vernon Fox blocked a punt and was in on seven consecutive tackles on kickoffs.. Shuan Suisham is now 8-8 and Derrick Frost continued to be very consistent with his punting pinning the Rams numerous times.. A long punt return did however set up the game winning score for St. Louis in overtime..

WR Brandon Lloyd said he is not sure why he was in so few plays this past weekend saying nothing has been said to him since the helmet tossing incident where he was "punished" by Joe Gibbs.. Lloyd said he is of course not happy with his limited playing time but says he isn't going to complain about it and remains ready for however much he is on the field for the final game.. Lloyd said his position coach Stan Hixon, "Knows as much as he does" about the situation and that Hixon has very little to no say about whether Lloyd will figure into portions of the game plan.. Brandon said he remains very happy to be a Washington Redskin and hopes that he will be utilized more in the future..

Gibbs credited Rocky McIntosh for very "aggressive" play during the Rams game.. You can expect to see a lot more of McIntosh in the final game.. With Marcus Washington out for the season, Warrick Holdman was flipped to strong side linebacker for the majority of the Skins defensive plays this past weekend opening the door for McIntosh to play more..

The team is still trying to get the ball downfield more often.. Gibbs said he is surprised with the way the team is running the ball that they are not able to get more big plays down the field.. He did say the Rams surprised them by not blitzing more as they expected, they laid back in coverage forcing Jason Campbell to correctly use the underneath patterns more often.. It led to a big day for Chris Cooley and very little downfield attempts.. Lloyd believes the lack of a downfield attack plays into him not getting many opportunities late in the season..

Gibbs said it is "minblowing" that his team is on the verge of setting the single season record for fewest takeaways this season.. The Skins sit at 12, the record is 15..


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