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Monday, December 11, 2006

December 11-- Lloyd was "punished", calls helmet toss a mistake

WR Brandon Lloyd admitted to "making a mistake" last week by throwing his helmet in the Atlanta game.. he says he should have explained himself better but he got too defensive when his character was questioned.. he says if he could do over last week, he would have made it clear that he made a mistake.. The result was a "punishment" which turned into a demotion for Lloyd as the number 2 receiver.. Joe Gibbs never labelled the chance a punishment.. Lloyd said he has no idea if the change in the depth chart is permanent for the season.. He also said he is on the same page with the coach, there is no issue between he and Joe and he hopes this issue can be put behind him..
Antwaan Randle-El ended up having one of his best offensive performances of the season with 6 catches for 85 yards.. Lloyd said he wouldn't have agreed with the move if "the team didn't have so many playmakers." He says he is not a selfish player and believes the team has enough playmakers to warrant any such change..

C Casey Rabach has a couple of pins inserted into his broken left hand.. Rabach said he intends to play with the injury.. T Jon Jansen was not expected to play against Philly according to Joe Gibbs due to a progressively worsening calf muscle condition, but Jansen returned to practice on Friday and ensured the coach he'd be ready to go.. Jansen will likely rest much of week and will be monitored through the week..
Gibbs said no "experimenting" will be done with other players despite the team's 4-9 record.. he says the team plays to win every game and players who can play will no matter their injury status..

Gibbs was asked whether the coordinators Gregg Williams and Al Saunders will return next year.. he was taken back by the questions and said he didn't think it was worth answering but ultimately clarified that the the team intends to bring back it's coaching staff in tact..
Gibbs described the coming offseason as one with a lot of questioning to deal with.. he did hint the team will not be actively trying to radically change the roster saying he believes he has the right people in the locker room to turn it around..
How the offseason is dealt with in terms of when the team comes to camp, etc. will be re-evaluated..

Audibles have been added to the Redskins offense.. The team was not using them earlier in the season, but Brandon Lloyd said that a couple of the plays where Jason Campbell made good reads, Campbell changed the plays at the line.. Campbell was receving some "interesting" looks being a young QB and Lloyd said it was Campbell who had asked for the change in terms of having audibles..


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