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Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 14-- Janse tore his calf 5 weeks ago

T Jon Jansen (calf/thumb) and C Casey Rabach (broken hand) both missed practice for a second straight, both are listed as questionable for the game against NO..
Jansen says the thumb injury is not a big deal, that he can easily play with it using a protective cast, but the calf, which he tore before the Dallas gets progressively more painful each week, still he contends he plans of gutting out the final three weeks and playing.. Asked if he is a motivation for other players, he said "I think I'm more of a pain in the ass. They see me playing with this, it's hard for them to sit out with some bumps and bruises."

WR Santana Moss missed practice, he was sick and was sent home, he is probable..

Offensive coordinator Al Saunders worked for 15 years for KC owner Lamar Hunt, who passed away last night from complications from cancer.. Saunders called him an incredible sportsman and an even better person..

Gregg Williams says he believes this team has the playmakers on defense to get more turnovers, it's just his team is not seizing opportunities.. He said Carlos Rogers has played better the last five weeks and his consistent drops of INT's is something he works on very hard.. He said Rogers play has been aided by the return of Shawn Springs and that the opponent's passing game on the edge has been altered with the better play of the CB's.. The Redskins have only gotten 10 takeaways this year, the fewest by any team is 15.. Two of the Skins turnovers caused came via special teams..


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Hey Covering the Redskins:

I just found you by accident and I'm glad I did. Both Hogs Haven and my site, Curly R, will be adding you to our Redskins blogrolls. If you are reading your comments, drop me an email from my profile or my site. I'd like to connect.

-Ben Folsom
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Ditto on the above.

-Will Allensworth

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