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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

December 13-- Gibbs says I'm not the GM, likely nobody will be

C Casey Rabach missed practice with a broken hand.. he will be fitted with a cast later this week and it remains his and Joe Gibbs intention for him to play against the Saints..
T Jon Jansen (calf/broken thumb) was also held out of practice, the goal is the same as last week, rest him with the hope of him being ready for Sunday..
They are the only two Redskins on the weekly injury report, both are listed as questionable..

NO injury report: WR Joe Horn (groin) questionable, TE Mark Campbell (knee) questionable, S Omar Stoutmire (knee) questionable, RB Aaron Stecker (hamstring) questionable

Joe Gibbs was asked about a hoax that was started on Sirius Satellite radio last night when a caller to a talk show said Gibbs was in a car accident.. He joked, “the report was wrong, it was a lot of people were hoping I was in a car accident.” Wry death humor is typically not the Gibbs m.o. but I have him credit for putting a happy face on a scary story..

Gibbs talked openly about the front office structure of the team again saying he likes the current format of which the team selects players.. Gibbs refused to call himself the GM, saying by title being the Team President, he expects to receive the criticism for decisions made in the offseason, some he finally characterized as mistakes that will be re-evaluated in the coming offseason.. Again, he did not close the door on hiring a GM, but he says he likes the selection by committee format used currently by the team and hinted he would prefer to stick with this plan on picking people.. Essentially, it sounds as if unless Dan Snyder asks for Gibbs to hire a true GM, there will not be that kind of addition this offseason..
The team also has some decisions to make regarding the free agent crop of 2004, Shawn Springs, Cornelious Griffin, marcus Washington, mark Brunell among others have explosive base salaries coming in 2007 forcing the team into decisions about their future.. Gibbs said he is hopeful to keep the core together and the team will do it’s best to keep “performers” on the squad..

Santana Moss thought it was strange when asked to comment on Gibbs saying that the two coordinators the Redskins currently have would be retained for next year.. he said “I didn’t even know that was in question.” On the offense, he like many of his teammates talked about the team starting to figure out how best to use the personnel, how the re-working of the run game will ultimately get the passing game going.. As for the Saunders offense, he likened it to your favorite food. “You don’t try something and then say forget it, you try it again, and then it becomes your favorite.”

Jason Campbell said his progression as a QB now includes throwing some routes before WR’s make their breaks.. He said this is only on some throws and he is still getting used to the core of WR’s the team has.. He said the game is slowing down tremendously for him and is very excited about Saunders coming back so he won’t have to learn a new offense for the 7th time in seven years..
Campbell’s community was struck by tornados during Hurricane Katrina.. He said homes were not destroyed but that the town was without power for a month.. His parents stayed in Washington with him because his mother is diabetic and needs to eat on a set schedule.. His Dad returned soon after the disaster to help the community fix it’s problems..
This obviously is the first time he is playing in the Superdome (about an hour and a half from where he grew up in Mississippi) as a pro and is excited to return home.. This also is the first time he is playing there since the Sugar Bowl when he was the MVP of the game and finished off’s Auburn’s unbeaten 2004 season..
Saints coach Sean Payton said the team does not actively discuss the ramifications of Hurricane Katrina any longer, but admits it was a motivating force for his group as the season began.. He openly discussed the work that is far from done in restoring the region, but says football takes precedence in their locker room now but admits, “When you leave the building, Katrina is discussed daily.”


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