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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20-- New Rams, Skins Red Zone Attack

T Jon Jansen missed the Wednesday practice with a calf injury, he is listed as questionable.. Joe Gibbs is hopeful he will return by the end of the week to attempt to play against the Rams..
C Casey Rabach was held out of practice with a broken hand, he is probable..
T Chris Samuels is listed with a knee injury, he also has ankle and wrist issues, he was also held out of practice and is listed as probable..

LB Lemar Marshall (knee) probable, also missed practice, Gibbs called his absence precautionary..
LB Marcus Washington is questionable.. he is suffering from some swelling on his knee.. His status will be updated through the week..
WR James Thrash was not at practice to be with his wife for the birth of their child..

Samuels said he was very proud of his 4th pro bowl selection, what he believes makes him a worthy choice is not only his pass blocking ability but his run game prowess.. Joe Bugel said Samuels has been coming on since the end of last year in that department and mentioned that the team is running to the left purposely lately..

Torry Holt admits the Rams don’t have quite the same swagger that was present when the Rams were “The Greatest show on Turf.” He said the new offense installed by Scott Linehan was an adjustment, but it is something the team accepted and is working on to get better.. he believes this offense offers the Rams a better chance to establish a more power run game.. Joe Gibbs said the Rams were one of the offenses that the team studied when they returned to the league three years ago.. he wouldn’t talk specifically about the new philosophy of the Rams now as opposed to then, but said watching them play now (they are ranked 8th in total offense) “I’d believe their players would give it a thumbs up.”

The inability to score touchdowns in the red zone was a hot topic at the Park.. Gibbs continues to maintain players need to make more plays.. Brandon Llooyd was among the playmakers who “want opportunities to make those plays.” It seems both have a point.. Jason Campbell took some of the blame saying he needs to be able to make quicker decisions in the red zone, a continuing adjustment for him as he gains playing experience..

Asked what his favorite Christmas present was, Jason Campbell said he got a go kart when he was nine and proceeded to crash it into a tree.. Asked what his Christmas wish would be, Santana Moss said “To not talk to ya’ll.” (the media) He said he was kidding.. Not really..

Rams injury list: FB Paul Smith (neck) doubtful, DE Victor Adeyanju (forearm) questionable, S Jerome Carter (ankle) questionable, G Adam Timmerman (ribs) questionable, T Alex Barron (toe) probable, RB Stephen Davis (hand) probable, WR Torry Holt (knee) probable, G Richie Incognito (toe) probable, P Matt Turk (neck) probable, LB Will Witherspoon (knee) probable


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