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Monday, December 18, 2006

December 18-- Portis remains the #1 back

T Jon Jansen will continue to rest his torn calf muscle.. The medical staff told Joe Gibbs last week that they had taken the injury as far as it could go.. Jansen said it is his intention to try and play the final two games of the season, he likely will not practice on Wednesday in the hopes of feeling better by the end of the week.. Todd Wade received praise for his effort from Gibbs after the game Sunday in New Orleans..
There were no injuries reported after the game with the Saints..

Gibbs said that Jason Campbell's ability to hit the deep ball is his best attribute and it's the one facet in a quarterback that he believes is the key for a successful quarterback.. He said Campbell is doing very well hitting fades and crossing patterns, he is hoping that once Campbell learns better to set his feet on plays where he is moving out of the pocket, his accuracy will improve and it would be a next step in his progression..

Gibbs said that the production of Ladell Betts will be something that will factor into how the team utilizes it's weapons next season but Gibbs made it clear that Clinton Portis is the #1 RB here and that Betts will serve as his primary backup.. Asked if he would trade Betts, Gibbs said that the team received numerous calls about Betts availability but the Redskins declined to entertain tarde offers.. The bottom line is both backs are expected to be back in DC next year..

Gibbs said he and Al Saunders have been on the same page throughout the change back to the power run offense the Skins have exhibited the last few weeks.. He maintains saunders calls all the plays and that that system works fine for him and will not be adjusted..

Sean Taylor and Andre Carter received particular praise for their performances in the Saints game.. G Randy Thomas received the Ed Block courage award for the Skins..
Gibbs also praised the job by Derrick Frost and Shuan Suisham.. Suisham has made 7 straight field goals.. Frost had a punting average over 43 yards against New Orleans...


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