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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 6-- Lloyd will play Sunday, Sellars smacks Campbell in balls

Meetings with Brandon Lloyd and coach Joe Gibbs ended with them “being on the same page.” Lloyd did not apologize for throwing his helmet last week in a group media session and went so far as to say “I have never regretted anything I have done.” He said Gibbs told him to continue to be himself and said his personality is the one he’s had since he was 5 years and old and if he thought it was a problem he would have changed it 20 years ago.. Lloyd also said he thinks he has the right attitude for “a winning team.” Neither would disclose the tenor of the discussions..
One player did tell me that Lloyd apologized to his teammates before practice and that everyone shook his hand and all is behind them..
Gibbs said Lloyd will definitely be playing this weekend…
Jason Campbell responded to Lloyd’s hope of getting more chances and he said that he will continue to go through his progressions and will throw to the open guy.. He won’t change just because someone is “begging.”

Gibbs said the team is “working hard” on a potential deal to re-up with Ladell Betts before he hits the open market in February.. Betts said he is not interested in discussing his contract status and he’ll wait to see how everything works out.. The Redskins do not have a recent history of providing new deals for players up for free agency in season.. Gibbs said he learned early when he was here that Betts was more then the 3rd down halfback he envisioned him.. The shift to a power rush offense has also helped Betts in his case.. he is in fact on pace for a 1000 yard season, a would be first in his career…

T Jon Jansen was held out of practice and will likely rest through the work week to try and treat an aggravated calf muscle.. Jansen has played with the injury for upwards of a month and places an ice bag on the calf in between every series.. The injury is not in danger of becoming owrse, but it is painful and likely is not going to get better as the season wears on.. He is listed as probable.
C Casey Rabach also missed practice, he was kicked in the shin in the game against Atlanta and it was very swollen.. He is expected to be OK and is also probable..
TE Todd Yoder (quad) probable, CB Kenny Wright (knee) questionable both missed practice…
LB Khary Campbell (hamstring) is questionable, S Troy Vincent (hamstring) probable, DE Phillip Daniels (wrist) probable..

Eagles injury list: CB Rodderick Hood (hamstring) questionable, DE Darren Howard (knee) questionable, S Michael Lewis (concussion) questionable, LB Shawn Barber (knee) probable, QB Jeff Garcia (neck) probable, CB Williams James (knee) probable, LB Matt McCoy (shoulder/elbow) probable, S Quentin Mikell (foot) probable, LB Jason Short (knee) probable, RB Brian Westbrook (knee/toe) probable.. Hood, Howard and Lewis were the three on the list who actually missed practice on Wednesday..

The Skins signed DL Jamal Green, a 2003 4th round pick out of Miami who has played in a handful of games for the Eagles and Bears to the practice squad taking the spot vacated by Shaun Suisham..

From the locker room today, Mike Sellars is the clown of the group always messing with his teammates and always interrupting interview sessions.. Today he back handed Campbell in the nuts when Campbell’s weekly session began.. Jason took it in stride.. Sellars also pulled down Ladell Betts’s pants twice during interviews.. he was then asked by one reporter “Do you have to pull a mans pants down twice to keep the locker room happy?” Eeewww..


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