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Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30-- Williams says secondary meetings are not out of the ordinary

Gregg Williams said that the safeties and CB’s not meeting is not unusual in his coaching days, that when he entered the league he was a safeties coach and that he met separately with the safeties, on Buddy Ryan’s staff, the same.. This was the extent of commentary he would give on the Tom Friend article that still has legs but is dying as the days go by..
Asked about Adam Archuletta, Williams gave him the LaVar treatment saying he is in packages and when the packages are called, he’ll play..

WR Santana Moss who is not on the injury list this week says that if he is playing he’s 100% but that doesn’t mean he is “speed racer” out there.. He says he still needs time to get “my legs under me.”

T Jon Jansen (calf) probable, FB Mike Sellars (shoulder) probable both returned to practice after missing Wednesday.. Jansen however remained limited and was not part of all team drills.. WR David Patten (hamstring) also returned to practice and was upgraded to probable..
Those who missed practice: S Troy Vincent (hamstring) questionable, LB Khary Campbell (hamstring) questionable, CB Kenny Wright (knee) was added to the injury list, probable.. CB Shawn Springs (hamstring) is probable, also an addition to the injury list..

ATL injury update: John Abraham and Grady Jackson both have been removed from the injury list so both are set to play..

WR Antwaan Randle-El was used as a scout team quarterback in practice to attempt to somewhat simulate what Michael Vick can do..


Blogger tonyfazio said...

I am shocked you guys never asked Tom Friend if the interview for the article was done over the phone or in person. Could someone not on the team have conducted the interview with Tom Friend on the phone saying they are some player on the team?
Then Tom Friend would have thought it really was a player. He was so defensive on the your radio show, it is starting to sound suspicious. Is there any way you can ask Tom this question?
Could it be the press is looking so hard for a reason why the Redskins arent doing well and trying to find some dirt to talk about and blame for the reason.


6:25 AM  

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