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Monday, November 27, 2006

November 27-- Gibbs denies source exists, new kicker coming?

Joe Gibbs said he wasn’t sure an “anonymous source” within his team existed when asked about the ESPN article that had quotes ripping Gregg Williams and the defensive coaching staff.. He said the key word was “anonymous” and until we tell him who exactly said anything, he won’t deal with that.. he refused to elaborate if the team is looking into it.. Asked specifically if he thought Tom Friend made the source up, Gibbs said “I’m not saying that.” Although it is what he implied…

Kickers are expected to be worked out at Redskins Park this week likely on Tuesday.. Mike Vanderjagt was released by Dallas, and as of me writing this, there was no word whether he would be part of the session.. Gibbs said there have been no discussions of the team actually replacing Nick Novak who’s kickoffs remain short and his field goal percentage since returning is 50% however when asked if kickers were coming in to work out, Gibbs wouldn’t deny it, but also wouldn’t confirm it..

Injuries: LB Khary Campbell’s hamstring injury “could be a concern.” The team will evaluate during the week.. DE Phillip Daniels did not do any more damage to his ailing wrist, he may take some practice time off this week to rest it though.. T Jon Jansen is dealing with a calf injury, he also may be held out of some practice this week, WR Santana Moss was said to have done no more damage to his hamstring and was not listed on the injury report, WR David Patten (hamstring) and S Troy Vincent (hamstring) who both missed the Panthers game will be re-evaluated this week..

Gibbs revised his statements of “Sean Taylor can do anything he wants with the ball” by saying that in the late game situation where Taylor made an interception and had he just kneeled down in the end zone he wouldn’t have risked losing the ball.. Gibbs said it is something they will coach Taylor up on..

The review of the Carolina game was mainly positive with Gibbs happy to see his team play “Redskins Football.” He denied he had any more role on the offensive game planning saying all the coaches meet weekly in terms of producing a game plan and this week was no more different then any other.. Gibbs also said that while he was happy with the result there were a lot of things to work on..

On the team’s decision to review the Steve Smith TD, the play happened on the far side end zone.. I was on the Skins sideline and it was impossible for the coaches to know if he was inbounds or not.. Gibbs said that the play was critical and that he felt it was something that basically had to be challeneged.. The coaches in the box help advise him on that.. Keep in mind the replays they see are only the ones provided by TV and the timely fashion in which the replays are shown are at the discretion of the network..

Gibbs was funny in regard to a question he was asked about potentially wearing suits to games saying that he doesn’t think the game for his temperament is the type of environment for which you wear a suit.. He said he used to admire Tom Landry looking so good at the end of a season when he was “20 pounds overweight, looked like he’d been punched in the gut and overall looked like a dump.”

SI’s Peter King, who had adamantly advocated against Art Monk being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame called Joe Gibbs to discuss his credentials for induction this year.. According to reports, King may change his vote this time around.. Gibbs said they had a long discussion about Monk with Gibbs obviously a huge proponent for his WR to be put in.. We’ll see..


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