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Monday, November 13, 2006

November 13-- Jason Campbell era begins

Jason Campbell has been named starting quarterback for the Redskins.. he will take his first regular season snap in his first regular season start Sunday against Tampa Bay.. Campbell said he was shocked at the decision and has mixed emotions crediting Mark Brunell for being a mentor for him..
Joe Gibbs said Brunell took the news like a “gentleman” but said he didn’t agree with the move.. He also said Todd Collins who now falls on the depth chart to #3 that he also didn’t agree with the decision but “understood.”
Gibbs says that he made this decision on his own, that he was not influenced by any kind of marketing decision by the front office.. With a 3 game homestand on the horizon and the fans clamoring for the change, it would be an easy assumption to make that the other side of the building was hoping for the shift at this position as well, but Gibbs claims no one but he and his coaches had input on the move…
Gibbs seemed almost pained in discussing the change, he pointed out quickly that he does not believe the reason his team is 3-6 is because of the play of Mark Brunell.. Asked what Brunell’s future was with the Redskins, Gibbs essentially said “You never know, but maybe being the number 2 will give him a chance to get a breath of fresh air.”
Asked directly if this is Campbell’s job for the rest of the season, Gibbs was non-committal.. Even Campbell said he was told only that this is his job, no promises have been made beyond the next game…Campbell has been relaying plays during practice to Mark Brunell to continue his familiarity of the offense.. Campbell states his extra work after practice in recent weeks with quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor have made him much more ready for this start then he would have been two months ago..
Asked if there are any other personnel changes coming, Gibbs said no, but did say he wants Rocky McIntosh to play, but he’s been saying that for weeks.
Gibbs again described Adam Archuletta as an important part of his team reminding everyone he is a captain on punt units, but Archuletta barely played on defense in Phialdelphia, Gibbs blamed that on “packages” that weren’t used against the Eagles.. This is exactly what happened with LaVar Arrington a season ago..

RB Clinton Portis has surgery on a broken bone near the ring finger of his right hand.. he had three pins place din the bone and he will be out at least 3 weeks, likely a month..
Joe Gibbs called TJ Duckett’s two carries on Sunday a “good experience.” Expect Ladell Betts to start on Sunday with Duckett being the primary back-up..

DE Phillip Daniels has a sprained wrist and will be limited in practice this week.. WR Santana Moss has a sore hamstring following the Eagles game, he also will be limited in practice this week.. T Jon Jansen continues treatment for a sore calf.. T Chris Samuels has a “sore leg.”


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