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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29-- Steve Jackson Speaks

Safeties coach Steve Jackson spoke after practice today and gave a few comments regarding the Tom Friend ESPN article that painted him as someone who at times does not take part in meetings and pouts on the sidelines during games.. Jackson refused to say whether the secondary meets separately or together and if or when that changed, but he did say that “I’ve known Gregg Williams since 1991. I’ve known Jerry Gray since 1992. Jerry is like a big brother to me, Big brothers sometimes have different ways of doing things.” He also intimated that he did not think the article was a major distraction, “How could it be a distraction if we won?”
Jackson said Sean Taylor didn’t have a particularly better game this past week (which he was named NFC defensive player of the week for) saying only that he’s been playing well all year but because the team won, his play stood out..
Jackson covered for Adam Archuletta saying he doesn’t pout about his situation but that he works hard and knows that on any given play he could be called upon to come in (which appears like the last thing any of the defensive coaches want to do)..

Joe Bugel ripped into the offensive line prior to the Carolina game expressing his displeasure with their performance particularly in the run game in previous weeks.. He credited the total package to being able to get more overall plays to run then in previous weeks.. He also credited the play of Jon Jansen (“Who was on one leg”) and Chris Samuels for their play against the Carolina ends…
Bugel admitted that the team went back to a more power oriented run game, some of the staples of the Joe Gibbs offense, so without saying it, it’s easy to start making the assumption that while Al Saunders is running the offense and calling the plays, the style of offense is going back to the Gibbs power run ways…

K Shaun Suisham started what will be a 3 day kicking competition with Nick Novak.. he is only on the practice squad now.. Joe Gibbs said there is a possibility that the team will carry two kickers this weekend, but that would force the team to drop a player on the active roster to make room.. If Novak survives this week, Suisham is not in danger of being released considering his practice squad status..

Injuries: T Jon Jansen (calf) missed practice and is probable, WR David Patten (hamstring) missed practice and is questionable, S Troy Vincent (hamstring) missed practice and is questionable, LB Khary Campbell (hamstring) missed practice and is questionable, FB Mike Sellars (shoulder) missed practice and is probable…
ATL injuries: CB Jason Webster (groin) out, CB Jimmy Williams (ankle) questionable, DE John Abraham (groin) probable, DT Grady Jackson (knee) probable..

RB Ladell Betts told me he is not concerned with his impending free agent status saying his value will not only be determined by the way he plays as the season progresses but how the team plays as well..

QB Jason Campbell said that Doug Williams told him it would be an honor if he wore the number 17 when he was drafted by the Redskins. Campbell wore 17 in college and thought of Williams as a role model growing up.. He said he called Williams when he first came to Washington but said it was Williams who told him to wear it..
When asked if there are similarities between he and Michael Vick, Campbell laughed and said, “We have the same agent.”

RB Warrick Dunn said the criticism Michael Vick receives for his play is not affecting him, but that Vick is always trying to prove people wrong and even when the team was winning riding the arm of Vick some 5, 6 weeks ago, that the Falcons were getting too far away from their strength which is running the football.. Dunn says Vick just needs to be himself and stop listening to anyone who wants to make him a prototypical quarterback, “Because he’s not a prototype.”


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