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Friday, November 17, 2006

November 17-- Moss likely out for TB game

WR Santana Moss missed practice for a third straight day and is very unlikely to play against TB.. he said he should have treated last Friday as he did this week but shutting it down more.. He says playing the Philly game, he was not himself and although he hasn’t suffered any setback to his injury, it needs more time.. Joe Gibbs said he is leaving open a slight hope Moss will feel better by game time..

TE Christian Fauria will not play against TB dealing with an ankle injury that kept him out of practice all week.. Everyone else should be a go..

Joe Gibbs said the football world will miss former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler who died at the age of 77 today.. Jon Jansen said it is a huge loss for the Michigan family and hoped that it will have a motivating effect on the team as they face Ohio State tomorrow..

Jason Campbell appears relaxed and ready for his first start, he credited his teammates for being supportive all week.. The team has been messing with him during every interview session constantly kidding him and listening to what he says.. Like everything else, he has taken it all in stride.. Moss said Campbell looks great in practice and that he is a lot calmer then he was earlier in the week.. Gibbs said he has no advice for Campbell other then to be himself..


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