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Sunday, November 26, 2006

November 26-- Amid swirling controversy, Skins put together most complete performance of season in 17-13 win over Carolina

CB Carlos Rogers probably put it best, “maybe there should be another article to come out next week to motivate us some more.” He’s referring to late week ESPN article by Tom Friend that exposed sever internal strife within the Redskins defensive coaching staff.. None of this was evident on Sunday when the Redskins played by all accounts it’s best defensive game of the year defeating Carolina 17-13..
Rogers admitted he had his best game of the season, the secondary was heralded for it’s effort in not giving up any big plays.. The team did use a different philosophy this week then most others by matching up Shawn Springs on Steve Smith and Rogers on Keyshawn Johnson.. The Redskins typically play their corners on one side of the field..
Gregg Williams said he “does not tell tales outside of the classroom” essentially refusing to comment on the ESPN article..
Springs acted as if he was a suspect repeating during one media session that he was not the one who was the snitch.. He also said the player should be man enough to come out and express his feeelings publicly with his name attributed to it, even cracking, “these days, it’s not bad to be T.O.. You get plenty of TV time when you say stupid things.”
Renaldo Wynn called the article a breech of the cardinal rules of football teams, to never ever let a reporter in on some of the issues bothering the team or make public certain issues between coaches..
No one would point out who they think it is.. Everyone admitted that the article was discussed among the players.. Rogers said Gregg Williams never mentioned it during his team meeting on Saturday night.. Joe Gibbs did mention it however calling it symptomatic of what happens when you are a 3 and 7 team and people are looking to find ways to distract you further..
Team front office officials were asked to meet together on Saturday at the request of owner Dan Snyder to discuss the article at an undisclosed location.. The conversation was kept private from me..

So if the article wasn’t motivation for the team’s inspired play, maybe it was the mid week pep talk Gibbs had with the team where he expressed in some harsh tones that he wanted the team to become more physical and go back to the style of offense he was accustomed to winning with, running the ball.. The Redskins rushed for over 100 yards led by Ladell Betts who had his best game of the season.. TJ Duckett had seven carries.. Gibbs in true Gibbs form would not take credit for the speech being a motivating factor saying it was all on the players who stepped up..

Jason Campbell won his first NFL game as a starter leading the team to a fourth quarter comeback win.. The winning touchdown, a 66 yard pass play to Chris Cooley on a 3rd and 8 was part Campbell making up the call on his own.. The communication between the sidelines and Campbell during the huddle went out during the call, and he only heard part of it.. The players knew something was wrong in the huddle but didn’t know the extent of the issue until afterward.. Cooley was the second option on that pass play.. Antwaan randle El was also a second option on Campbell’s first TD pass, a 5 yard score on a 3rd and goal.. Cooley kept telling Campbell prior to the play that “I owe you one,” after dropping a would be big play/touchdown on a drive earlier in the second half..

Injuries: LB Khary Campbell (hamstring), T Jon Jansen (calf), FB Mike Sellars (shoulder) all will be re-evaluated tomorrow, none appear to be serious..

So the Skins move to 4-7 with two more home games left on this homestand.. Atlanta is next..


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