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Monday, November 06, 2006

November 6-- Gibbs explains a lot

Joe Gibbs opened the day after Dallas win press conference with a 9 minute diatribe defending the structure and his role in the organization.. He was not asked specifically about anything nor took questions during this, then opened up the presser for questions about the win over the Cowboys..

Gibbs defended how the team is structured saying that when he came in he felt the structure with him at the top, no GM, is right and he cotninues to believe the group decisions system that includes Vinny Cerrato, Louis Riddick, Dan Snyder etc. is the right way to go.. he also defended the team's draft strategy saying that the draft is important to them and then he defended the free agent acquisitions over the past few seasons..

He also reiterated that if there are issues with the team in terms of success that all the blame should be put on him.. He also said Dan Snyder does nothing but support the team and Gibb's decisions...

Injuries: Jon Jansen has a pulled calf, but played through it, Christian Fauria suffered an ankle injury in pre-game warmups but played with it, Chris Cooley suffered a severe shoulder bruise but played with it, Antwaan RandleEl had his heel flare up but played with it, Lemar Marshall played through a sore ankle..
WR Santana Moss will be re-evaluated later in the week, Brandon Lloyd said he believes Moss will play this weekend, we shall see if he can practice on Wednesday.. Joe Gibbs said Moss had a good workout and that there is blood at the bottom of the hamstring that needs to go away..

Asked if Sean Taylor could conceivably be used on offense, Joe Gibbs said the injury situation in the secondaru prevents any inclination of Taylor being used as a two way player, but that Gibbs has no reservations about using special talented players as two way players.. Taylor practiced as a goal line WR a year ago..

Gibbs said the main reason he did not use TJ Duckett on the goal line situation is "how I feel about Clinton." Essentially, Gibbs is loyal to his players and he was hoping to get Clinton to score.. That said, Gibbs said it is something he would consider doing in the future... So, maybe we'll see Duckett play.. The back is an insurance policy the team has decided not to cash in on..

Gibbs credited the effort of Andre Carter on earlier field goal attempts by the Cowboys that led to the eventual block of the Vanderjagt attempt late in the game Sunday.. He says Carter's push created a shift by the Cowboys concerned about Carter's presence.. This in turn opened the door for Troy Vincent and the breakdowns on the outside of the protection..
He said Nick Novak was told to adhere to the ten second rule, essentially if you miss a field goal, don't look over to the sideline for ten seconds because you don't want to hear what everyone has to say.. Gibbs said he said nothing to Novak after his late game miss saying he'd only make him more nervous..
On the sideline before the final kick, the press ran to the other side of the field after the block and return, this left little room for Derrick Frost and Nick Novak to get in a final practice kick before taking the field.. Frost screamed at everyone to get out of the way in more colorful terms and played the role of good traffic cop getting in the final practice before the winning kick..

On the drive leading up to Novak's miss with a half minute to play, Gibbs said he agreed with the play calling and said the final run was a safe standard play the team runs but Dallas sent a blitzer from a different place then they accounted for.. He also reiterated he does not call any of the plays..


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