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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November 1-- Moss questionable for Sunday

WR Santana Moss missed practice and is questionable with a hamstring injury.. Joe Gibbs intimated that he thought Moss would have a chance to rejoin the team later in the week for practice but Moss was less optimistic saying it doesn;t feel any better then it did a few days ago and that he doesn't want to risk missing a long period of time by pushing it too hard.. He currently says he can't run..

RB Clinton Portis (ankle) did practice and is listed as probable.. Gibbs believes he will be ready to play Sunday..

WR David Patten was held out of practice with hamstring and thigh injuries.. If he can't go, the Skins would be down to 3 WR's for the Cowboys game..
QB Mark Brunell did return to practice, he was minorly limited with a rib cage injury but is listed as probable and is expected to play against Dallas..
LB Lemar Marshall was also back at practice after missing the Colts game with a high ankle sprain, he is listed as probable..
Other Skins injuries: WR Antwaan Randle-El (heel) probable, T Chris Samuels ( lower leg) probable, CB Carlos Rogers (thumb) probable..

Dallas injury list: Rb Tyson Thompson (ankle) out, DE Jason Hatcher (ankle) doubtful..

The hiring of Ray Brown is not to add a coach to the staff.. Brown is being brought in as Gibbs describes it as a sounding board for some of the younger players.. he's more of a consultant and player relations guy then decision maker..

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said about 20 teams inquired about him following the draft four years ago but the Redskins were not one of them.. Romo says he was not surprised he got a shot to play.. Bill Parcells said the decision left him with a lot of doubt evenjoking that if he could buy insurance for quarterback changes, he would purchase some.. Parcells talked openly about his feelings about being in the game still saying "it's hard to describe but it gets in your blood. But losing now is harder then it was earlier in my career and winning is more of a relief then anything." Gibbs when asked to share his feelings didn''t give similar insight..

Marcus Washington said we should forget about last year's run, that this is a different team and hanging onto what the team did a year ago as proof they can turn around the season this go around is not worthwhile thinking about.. Mark Brunell said the team has brought it up, but agreed with Washington that last year is last year..
There was no anger or snippyness from the locker room as it seemed like a normal week in the locker room.. Everyone talks about the sense of urgency, but the feeling certainly isn;t tangible..
Washington believes the team needs to take on a better attitude, not to get down during games which he has noticed and that everyone needs to come out and play four quarters instead of "2."


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