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Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2nd-- Homework assignments given by Gregg Williams

WR Santana Moss missed practice again, he remains questionable for Sunday's game with Dallas..
WR Brandon Lloyd was limited in practice (shoulder)
T Jon Jansen was also held out of some of the drills in practice with a calf injury..

The rest of the injury report remains the same..

Clinton Portis said he hasn't felt like Clinton Portis all season not because he has been dealing with injuries since the first pre-season game but because he is a limited part of the game plan.. Portis says his health isn't a factor when he gets the ball the ammount of times he got in Houston and against Jacksonville.,. He says the recent ankle injury will not hinder him during the Cowboys game..

Gregg Williams gave his team homework assignments during the bye week which he says was turned in on time with minor spelling errors.. That was his way of making a joke..
He thought the work his team was asked to do ended up giving an honest assessment from his players about their performance.. he says he is very happy to have all his regulars back for the first time this season and he hopes it will help.. As for the pass rush, he says the issues have been far ranging, some from being limited due to secondary injuries, and partly because of players issues at the point of attack.. As for the lack of turnovers, he says sooner or later we will be asking him how the floodgates got opened like last year.. he says that teams have been using more max protection against his D concerned about what they can do when they show limited protections..


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