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Monday, October 30, 2006

October 30-- Team returns, 5 starters still aching

Those who missed the Monday practice following the bye week: QB Mark Brunell (ribs), RB Clinton Portis (ankle), WR Santana Moss (hamstring), LB Lemar Marshall (ankle), WR Antwaan Randle-El ( missed portions of practice with a heel injury)

DT Joe Salave’a and Cornelious Griffin both returned to practice and Joe Gibbs believes that both will be available when the Skins play Dallas on Sunday.
Brunell said that he was taking just one more day of rest and that he will return to the practice field on Wednesday..
There are no changes to the quarterback system or rotation.. Todd Collins remains the number 2 on game days, if Brunell were to miss a week, Jason Campbell would get his first NFL start, Campbell has done the majority of the snaps in the last 3 practices.. Campbell and Collins rotated most of the Monday work..
Portis said his ankle is feeling “OK.” Portis played coy the entire week prior to the first Dallas meeting thus it is uncertain what his status will be until Wednesday when the team returns to the field and how he is listed on the injury report.. Gibbs was asked about the possibility of being without Portis for a second time against the Cowboys and he tempered all his statements that he wanted him back with a warning to see how he comes along during the week.. Reading between the lines, Portis is very questionable right now..

Asked if there was a new re-energized attitude at the park following the team’s first practice of the week, Mark Brunell said “We’ve only been here together for half a day.” Gibbs was a little more steely eyed then he has been on past Mondays and brushed off the attitude question by saying we’ll see what happens over the next nine weeks..

Gibbs said changes have been made schematically to the offense but refused to elaborate on what those changes might be.. He even went so far as to say he doesn’t know what those changes would look like to the fans or media.. Antwaan Randle-El admitted that there are some differences from the things the team was working on to what they did over the last 8 days..


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