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Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 5-- Skins score bizarre win over Cowboys 22-19

In what turned out to be a ho-hum affair the Redskins beat the Cowboys 22-19 on a Nick Novak 47 yard field goal with no time on the clock..
Novak had missed a 49 yard attempt 30 second of game time earlier which started a bizarre turn of events as the game came to a dramatic conclusion.. Tony Romo hit Jason Witten for a 28 yard pass play to get the ball to the Redskins 17 with 6 seconds left setting up a game winning field goal attempt for Mike Vanderjagt from 35 yards out..
Troy Vincent, who didn’t know until the night before the game that he was even on kick block units was the second man from the edge.. Players said in the huddle before the kick that Vincent was telling everyone to just keep believing and a number of players like Marcus Washington and Phillip Daniels said they basically had a feeling that they were somehow going to block the kick.. Vincent did, Sean taylor recovered it and weaved his way across the 50, add a 15 yard personal foul for a face mask and Novak got an extra play with no time on the clock to win it and he did..
So the Skins move to 3-5 and won their first conference and division game of the season..

There were no injuries reported for Washington.. T Jon Jansen said his right calf was “sore” during the game but he made it through.. Jansen was having his calf iced in between series but said it did not limit him..

S Adam Archuletta was benched in favor of Vincent who said he had been practicing with the ones since the bye week began.. Players credited Vincent’s communication skills for positioning the team as the main reason he was able to adapt and for the team’s “better “ defensive effort this week as opposed to earlier in the season.. Gregg Williams described Archuletta now more as a hybrid safety/linebacker utilizing his skills more so at the point of attack then in the back end.. Williams didn’t talk about it as a demotion per se, but more of placing Archuletta in a better spot to make plays he is proficient at..

Williams was reminded of the Music City Miracle, saying after that he thought the Titans couldn’t be beat, and it was a prevailing thought in the locker room, he as the players hope this outcome will have a similar effect..
The players held a players only meeting earlier in the week where the tenor of conversation was about saving the season, forgetting what happened in the past 7 weeks and essentially making sure everyone is on the same page as they move forward…
Should the Skins win next week and Dallas lose, Washington would be in second place in the NFC East..


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