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Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16-- The day after and Brunell's job is safe

Joe Gibbs defended Mark Brunell saying his play is emblematic of the entire offensive unit.. He also said he is not "afraid to change anything" but added he does not think changing quarterbacks right now for be for the betterment of the team.. So his job is safe for now..

Gibbs ended up getting into an interesting exchange with Dan Daly from the Washington Times who was insinuating that the Skins held out Cornelious Griffin and Joe Salave'a due to the strength of the opponent hoping to have them healthy for the Colts game.. Gibbs stopped the question immediately and said "I have never ever held a player out for any reason." He said he would only take a measure like that if it is late in the season and the postseason is wrapped up..
Griffin and Salave'a are in question for this week as well with a hip and calf injury..

CB Carlos Rogers had a procedure done on his broken thumb.. It is uncertain whether he will be able tp play against the Colts..

The team signed former Bills and Eagles DB Troy Vincent and released S Curry Burns.. Vincent was placed on IR by the Bills early in the year with a minor hamstring injury.. Vincent said he got his request granted to be allowed to leave Buffalo and is happy to have signed with Washington.. he says he is in game shape and as of right now he is working at safety..
Vincent said "My days in Philly are over and I never considered them as an option" He said by "no means am I the answer here, but I think I can help."

Gibbs said the run game needs to have better production.. he cited the stats from the Titans game saying the team rushed for 7 yards a carry in the first half but only 1.2 in the seocnd half on ten attempts.. he admitted 14 total carries for Clinton Portis is too few.. Portis said "I don't need to talk about how much I need the ball, everyone knows my role on this team." he said he continues to welcome being the guy to help carry the load..
When asked if the offense is trying too many things and not focussing on the few things they do well, Gibbs was vague saying "You can point to a number of different things as to what may be the problem."
Portis admitted to running the wrong way on a screen pass saying he like everyone else is having issues with the offense.. The team continues to take the approach that the inconsistency is their fault not what any defense is doing to them.. He said on many plays, it's one player doing the wrong thing and thus the issue of continuity..

WR Brandon Lloyd told me on Monday Night Replay that the Redskins do not have audibles in their offense, that each is built in with hot reads but that changing the play that comes from Al Saunders is not currently an option.. He also said he believes all the gesticulations that Peyton Manning does when changing plays for the Colts is all real, none is BS to throw the defense off.. he says only a few NFL QB's have the liberty that Manning has in changing plays at the line..

Lloyd also had some intersting comments on the U of Miami-FLA International brawl saying he spoke to some of the former U players on the Redskins who told him that there has been ongoing problems between students from FIU at the campus at Miami for years.. On campus fights and violenece involving students from both schools is a regular occurrence and that whoever scheduled this game is just as much at fault for the result.. He basically intimated that these issues weren't taken into account when the game was put on the scheudle....

Gibbs said he knows what happened on the blocked punt but refused to elaborate as to not embarass the player who had the screw up.. He thought Derrick frost punted well despite a late short punt..

Overall Portis said "this sucks." And you couldn't find a guy who didn't intimate the sentiment that with all these weapons to be 2-4 is unbelievable..


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