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Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 15-- Skins fall to Titans 25-22

Shock would be the best way to describe a number of Skins players in the locker room following a devastating 25-22 home loss to the Titans.. The Skins are now 2-4, 1-2 at home, 0-3 in the NFC, 0-2 in the division and facing 5-0 Indianpaolis next week before their bye week..

Phillip Daniels and Mike Sellars were both outwardly questioning whether everyone "knows their job." No one seems to be questioning effort, but positioning seems to be a problem.. Players are over-pursuing runs leading to Travis Henry having a career day 178 yards rushing.. The Skins have allowed over 400 yards rushing the last two weeks including 194 yesterday..

The Skins allowed a blocked punt for a safety in the third quarter.. Following the play I overheard Sellars on the sideline telling his teammates to "Take this S*** seriously," and "Get your heads out of your A**"

QB Mark Brunnel had both legs tweaked yesterday, getting rolled up on late in the first half, then having his right foot stepped on on back to back plays, the second accidentally by G Randy Thomas.. he ended up losing a toenail but finished the game..
CB Carlos Rogers was the only other injury announced, he played with a broken thumb...
DT Cornelious griffin (hip) and DT Joe Salave'a (calf) were both inactive due to injury.. Rookies Anthony Montgomery and kedric Golston played the bulk of the interior snaps..
WR David Patten (thigh) was inactive for the second straight week.. RB TJ Duckett was active for a second straight week but like in NY never actually played in the game..
CB Mike Rumph was inactive, he was down because of a numbers crunch.. It was described to me as the necessity for extra D-lineman and the return of Shawn Springs made the number crunch favor sitting a defensive back.. Ade Jimoh is a special teamer..
Springs played mainly on 3rd down nickel situations, after the game he described the defense as "Having lost it's swagger."

Renaldo Wynn and Jon Jansen both emphasized the obvious that this team needs to find it's issues and fix them immediately.. Daniels was in utter shock having trouble formulating sentences afterward saying "11 years in this league. I thought I would get there (meaning the Super Bowl) and now we are 2-4." Asked if he ever thought he'd have this record, he laughed and said succintly "No Never."

The fans at Fed Ex Field booed the Redskins on numerous occassions as the team blew a 14-3 lead and ultimately failed to stop the Titans after tying the game up at 22..

The Redskins had 215 yards of offense in the first half, under 100 in the second, 52 of which came on one play, Brandon Lloyd's reception which led to a Clinton Portis touchdown.. Lloyd's catch gave him only 7 for the season for 127 yards.. he was defiant after the game when asked about losing to an 0-5 team saying only, "That they get paid to and anyone can win in the NFL on any Sunday."

Joe Gibbs was asked if he is considering any drastic changes, he responded by saying he will not be calling the plays but when asked if he would change the quarterback, he responded by saying, "You have to look at everything. I am not thinking about one player right now though."
There should be firm belief that should the Redskins lose to the Colts and head into the bye at 2-5, it is distinctly possible that Jason Campbell will be given two weeks to get ready for his first career start..
In my opinion, this is certainly not about one player, but, when you are 2-5, things change..


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