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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Septmeber 7-- Portis All But Out for Opener

Clinton Portis took a few plays of practice in pads, although for the amount of time we spent on the field, he was not wearing pads and did not come off the field in pads.. He sounded resigned to sitting out the season opener saying he doesn’t know how to play a limited role and isn’t interested in getting back on the field until he is 100 percent and certain his body can take the hits without his shoulder popping out again.. He described his status as 75% right now.. He didn’t wear a costume but joked he was the “Injured Man” this week.. Joe Gibbs called Portis day to day and didn’t rule out using Clinton in a limited role if he is able to suit up for the Monday Night opener.. Portis made it sound as if he’d rather be safe and wait another week… The injury report continues to list him as questionable..

CB Shawn Springs did not practice again, he said he’ll be ready to play, “when I can run.” He remains doubtful for the MNF opener..

DE Renaldo Wynn returned to practice, but did not make it through the entire session.. he came off the field with his sprained ankle iced.. He said it wasn’t a step back for him, and that he remains hopeful to be on the field on Monday Night.. he is listed as probable..

T Jon Jansen spoke openly about his comments to HBO regarding HGH use in the NFL.. He said this wasn’t the first time he had talked about it in public, saying he and Jody Foldesy wrote about it in a weekly column a couple of seasons back for the Washington Times, but obviously the national forum garnered more attention about this.. Jansen says he has no regret about putting himself out there, that he received no real reaction about his comments from coaches and players and said he’d talk about it all day if I wanted.. He said the most important thing to him is that the players don’t get regarded as a “joke” if they are found to be juiced.. Jansen did back off the estimates he made on “Costas Now” saying he believes a small number of players are using performance enhancing drugs (On the show he said 15-20%, not a small number at all).. he also said he was approached by someone trying to get him onto the drugs when he injured his Achilles tendon two seasons ago but declined.. I asked him directly about the Redskins locker room saying it would be easy to insinuate that he knew of Skins using.. His response was that he has never seen drug use and he says that a number of players who have come from different teams have openly talked about teammates they had using.. DT Dana Stubblefield, a former Skin was profiled on the Costas Now piece as well admitting to usage..
Joe Gibbs said “what we are talking about here is running your life or your career. You have to ask yourself why you would do it.” He praised the random testing system of the NFL and when asked about the draft, said a number of players draft stock drops, there are a number of reasons for that..
The Team brought in a specialist to talk with the players early in camp where this person went over every supplement available and the dangers of using them..

Gibbs said he is getting more comfortable with the handing over of the play calling to Al Saunders.. Decisions whether to kick or go for it on a 4th down remain Gibbs’s to make.. He says that two people are working on potential replay options from the booth with him.. As for the Saunders offense, Gibbs said he likes what he sees in practice and is hopeful things will look better then in the pre-season on Monday Night..

Shawn Springs zinged former Skin Fred Smoot saying that he and Smoot became good friends and that they “are going into business together, starting a cruise line that will leave out of Miami called the Love Boat.”
Vinny Cerrato said the reason Smoot isn’t here is because he priced himself out of what the Skins thought he was worth.. He said once the Vikings came forward with their offer, the Redskins were no longer interested..

As for RB, Cerrato said the team was offered Ron Dayne by the Broncos weeks ago and they turned that down.. Asked whether he had any buyers remorse for trading a 3rd round pick for TJ Duckett when Dayne and Najeh Davenport were both outright released over the weekend, Cerrato said neither of the two “are even close” to Duckett..

Vikings QB Brad Johnson appreciates the memories he had playing in Washington saying he loved being with Norv Turner and was happy about how his teammates and the fans treated him.. You can figure out the one part of the building he left out that he remains resentful about.. he said things have worked out well for him and so he holds no hard feelings but he did admit he’d like to get more due then he has from critics who’ve never spoken about him amongst some of the better QB’s to play..


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