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Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8th-- Portis is Out, Marcus Barks before games

RB Clinton Portis ruled himself out of the Vikings game saying he has been told to not risk the season on coming back too fast.. He says he is actually ahead of schedule, that initially he and the team were pointing to returning by week 3-4, but now the Cowboys game isn’t out of the question.. But Portis left some doubt as to whether he’ll be ready for Dallas.. He said he hopes to be back, but we’ll see next week if he can handle some contact.. Portis was in pads again for practice, but he was limited avoiding contact on his shoulder.. he also appears to be in the initial stages of growing a Mohawk.. Take that Riggo!

DE Renaldo Wynn was able to make it through the entire Friday practice, he said his ankle reacted better then yesterday.. He says he is pushing himself to try to make it for the opener “because I am a competitor” but he remains in question to play.. Gregg Williams said he expects to have all his D-linemen for the game..
Williams said one of the two rookies Kedric Golston or Anthony Montgomery will be active for the game, one will be inactive but he said the decision on which one has yet to be made.. The team typically rotates all it’s linemen during the game..

The injury report remains unchanged: Portis is listed as questionable, Wynn-Probable, Shawn Springs- as doubtful as doubtful can be..

Gregg Williams revealed that before one game last season, Marcus Washington got up at 6AM and started running down the halls of the team hotel barking.. Williams said he hopes most players don’t get too amped up but doesn’t particularly worry about Washington.. Washington himself said he has a hard time controlling his energy the day of games..
Williams was asked what he would do if a player kissed him the way Joey Porter did to Bill Cowher last night during the Pittsburgh-Miami game, he responded by saying “Unless someone wants a groin injury, I don’t think they would do that, besides I think they’d rather run me over then kiss me.”


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