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Monday, September 04, 2006

September 4-- The Depth Chart at QB reads 2 and 2A

The back-up plan is intriguing.. If Mark Brunell were to get injured in a game and someone needed to come in and finish the game, Todd Collins is the one who comes in.. If Brunell suffers an injury that would force him out of the next scheduled start, Jason Campbell would get the week to prepare and would start the game..
I can’t believe he did what we actually speculated he might do.. That might be a first!
Gibbs admitted he has never made this decision before in regard to his quarterback depth chart..

Gibbs joked about how the quarterback position, even the back-up is a big deal in Washington, he started the press conference talking about the subject without being questioned about it.. Gibbs praised Campbell’s work ethic and said he’s done everything they have asked, working overtime to get the new offense down..
As for Collins, they remain very confident in him in a pinch hit situation..

The D-line decisions were among the toughest of the roster cuts.. The team released veterans Nic Clemons and Cedric Killings in favor of draft picks Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery.. Gibbs said he spoke personally to the two players who were released and said that it came down to a competitive situation and that these players make the Redskins better..

Asked if his roster is now set after making no moves following cuts, Gibbs said that “I am never in a position to say we will stand pat. I am comfortable with our roster though.”

Injuries: DT Cornelious Griffin (knee) will return to practice tomorrow, same goes for DE Phillip Daniels (back).. DE Renaldo Wynn is questionable to practice tomorrow, Gibbs believes he could be back by Thursday if not tomorrow.. He has a sprained ankle..
RB Clinton Portis and CB Shawn Springs remain question marks this week.. Gibbs said Portis will not play versus Minnesota if he cannot make it back to practice and prove he is healthy.. Springs has been running the last couple of days and Portis has worked out as well through the holiday weekend.. Practicing is a decision Gibbs said he will leave up to the players as they know their health best..


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I have never heard of this kind of situation before. Pretty interesting!

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